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Crafting Memories for the Connected Traveler


Travel is getting disrupted with the rapid inclusion of latest technology trends like Machine Learning, AI, IoT, conversational messaging of chatbots, Automation, Advanced Analytics etc. Travelers today are extremely meticulous, digital natives and prefer convenience over anything. They prefer experiences to things, like non-intrusive messaging than calling in command centres, desire to be addressed to by name than being targeted to as a large segment. Their expectations are unending!

Need for dynamic packaging and personalization

The digital revolution affords travelers the chance to plan everything in advance according to their preferences- flights and hotels, rental cars, train or other ground transport options, excursions, experiences – in short the whole length and breadth of a trip. Travelers are also demanding an experience that is enhanced by the technology they use every day.

Moreover, the ‘not so loyal’ nature of the connected traveler, makes it imperative for travel brands to offer deals through dynamic packaging aided by personalization. They are willing to take more spontaneous trips given the right deal is offered. Without this capability, a travel company runs the risk of losing their customers to competition that is more agile, understands their customer personas and churns out new products or offerings at the rate of changing customer demands.

Connected Traveler: The road to higher ancillary revenue and brand loyalty

This can be aided by building a reliable, authoritative data platform that delivers a consistent customer ID across the organization. Also, adding in the functionality of inclusive travel management, syncing all components of travel (transportation, stay, sightseeing, excursions etc.), can really make the connected traveler’s experience connected and hence delightful! This can not only increase ancillary revenue for travel brands but also lead to brand loyalty.

Every customer displays a range of behavioral patterns depending on various factors - leisure versus a business trip, solo vs family trip, season, geography and more. The key lies in understanding this context, personalizing offers, recommendations even notifications that can enhance the customer experience and then following through with an exceptional service delivery.

Mindtree’s Connected Traveler aims to arm travel organizations to do just that. It is a flexible suite of travel industry offerings that help elevate omni channel customer experience through micro targeting and context weighted personalization.

Industry challenges that Connected Traveler solves

  • Enhance Omni Channel Customer
  • Increase Ancillary Revenue
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

Connected Traveler: a flexible suite of travel industry offerings

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74% of consumers will buy new products if they receive relevant personal recommendations
– Mindtree Global Study

What is Connected Traveler?

It is a Cloud based solution built using Big Data, Machine Learning and AI components with Travel specific data model that integrates into all existing systems in any travel company.

Customers of Connected Traveler


Target sub segments within Travel:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels / Vacation
  • Cruises
  • Car Rental
  • Rail
  • Travel Distributors / Aggregators

Connected Traveler helps to understand the unique customer in order to provide personalized promotions that take the customer experience to the next level. It integrates customer data from various functional applications and creates a 360-degree view of behavior and trends.

From there, it constructs customer persona models that provide a richer, more dynamic context for marketing efforts. When the right product is pushed on the right channel to the right customer at the right time, it leads to a dramatic increase in sales!

Connected Traveller

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