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Customer Engagement Platform for a Leading Automobile Manufacturer - Digital, Technology and Process Transformation


Mindtree created an after sales digital engagement platform which maintains a user database of over 2 million car owners, and helps the client’s sales/marketing team to engage their customers via targeted offers, telematics subscriptions information etc.,

Challenges in Data Management

  • Limited consumer reach - Desktop only website was causing drop in traffic from smart device users. This impacted registrations & hampered business for dealers
  • Time to market - Failure to meet market needs & implement critical features quickly due to the 8 weeks long release cycle
  • Manual Business Processes – Rollout of Marketing campaigns, Specific Service Offers took around 4 weeks
  • Availability, performance and scalability - With more than a million visits per month, the system had performance & scalability issues. This impacted customers during safety recalls, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Limited features with no telematics capabilities - Legacy system with minimal features related to sign-in, registration & service history.
  • Information security vulnerabilities – Manual and delayed identification of vulnerabilities
  • Orchestration - Web service layer was scattered and duplicated across different brands
  • High cost- Usage of commercial licensed software tools resulted in higher maintenance costs, due to sub-optimal support model provided by multiple vendors


  • Technology Transformation: Designed & Developed responsive website for the client. The website provided rich user experience which enabled the client to expand their reach amongst smart device users
  • Legacy technology stack assessment was migrated to open source coupled with simplification of architecture
  • Rationalization & consolidation of the web service catalogue optimized infrastructure needs. Migrating to Azure and Single identity helped orchestrate between various brands of the client across all consumer apps
  • Agile Transformation: Deployed 2 weeks sprint with a workable product into Production. Mindtree’s expertise, coach-the-coach approach & test automation helped in implementing smooth Agile Transformation (Vertical’s first successful Agile implementation)
  • Cloud transformation & Mindtree's consulting on two major architecture design patterns (server less and Elastic Beanstalk) helped achieve zero downtime, high performance, and reduced operational & maintenance cost
  • End-to-end Consulting: Consulting to create unified platform for Telematics integration across brands. Integration with service connect system for managing subscriptions
  • Shift-left Operations: Automated self-help business scenarios and solutions for repetitive service requests. Reduced the number of customer calls. Implemented shift left security, CI/CD, and automated DevSecOps pipeline which helped in early detection of vulnerabilities


  • 150% Increase in site traffic
  • 50% Increase in offer click rate
  • 130% Higher transactions per hour
  • 0% Application Downtime
  • 75% Reduction in Time To Market
  • 99.95% Application availability
  • 40% Reduction in cost
Customer Engagement Platform for Automobile Industry Transformation

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