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Delivering next generation solutions with SAP for Insurance


One of the major challenges faced by the insurance industry is the long time-to-market in introducing innovative insurance products. In addition, the industry has to comply with complex state-specific rules, regulatory requirements and business validations. A concerted focus on improving efficiency of the underwriting process and enforcing discipline by standardizing the process is essential to retain competitive advantage.

Mindtree’s SAP practice has significant experience in using the SAP Product and Policy Lifecycle platform. The platform enables clients to configure complex insurance products with integrated rating, form attachment and business validation rules through reusable product templates. It brings in product agility and facilitates roll-out of multiple products in a short span of time. SAP Product and Policy Lifecycle platform can be easily integrated with other enterprise services like generation of policy documents and booking of policies.



Mindtree’s delivery teams work in an agile development mode and our services include business analysis, technical design, product implementation and quality assurance.

Domain expertise

Our areas of expertise include property and casualty insurance, underwriting, policy administration, rating rules, state-specific validations, and regulatory requirements.

  • SAP Camilion implementation for over 20 different commercial lines of business under P&C and financial lines divisions
  • Design and implementation of risk transfer, risk management (loss sensitive) rating and booking structures for complex commercial lines
  • Monoline, package products for policy and multinational contract business with representation for different local countries
  • System rating, adjusting user overrides, allocation of premium across underliers, internal excess allocations, conversion of rating to booking model
  • Representation of multiple lines of business in a standard format for risks, coverages and sub-coverages

Technical expertise

The efficiency of processes depends on multiple enterprise applications along with external applications. We improve process efficiency with our technical expertise in:

  • SAP Camilion Product Authority Suite spanning across several versions of the tool from 4.x, 6.x to 7.x.
    • Configuring reference components, products, lines of business, rules – rule-set, default, validations, rating script and forms interdependencies
    • Defining a framework inheritance model driven by business requirements
    • Partnering with SAP on technology upgrades:
      • SAP Camilion 4.x to 6.x
      • SAP Camilion 6.x to 7.x
      • Oracle 8i to 10g
      • Java 1.3 to 1.4
  • Implementing complex transactions like Revise Binder, Out of Sequence Endorsements, Reinstate, Policy Correction in addition to New Business, Endorsements, Cancel, Renewal etc.
  • Integrating SAP Camilion with multiple external systems:
    • Accenture DuckCreek Rating application
    • Pega Workflow management application
    • Regul8 for Stat Reporting
    • Reinsurance systems
    • Legacy systems for MIS reporting

Success stories

A policy administration system delivered by the Mindtree team for a large insurance major enabled them to realize their overall platform strategy for underwriting. Below are the key benefits delivered:

  • Improved underwriting efficiency
  • Reduced errors in the process through standardization
  • Lower turn-around time to introduce new insurance products
  • Provided an integrated view of information to all stakeholders

Collaboratively developed a Software Factory Model of product development using SAP Product platform for a large P&C insurer. Reusable product templates formed the basis for the Software Product Factory. Principles of inheritance, composition were used to implement complex products from the reusable product templates.

Developed an automated unit testing framework for SAP Product platform for a large P&C Insurer

Developed standardized templates to capture product requirements and used innovative tools to compare products and define the implementation strategy based on sizing differences and quality considerations.

Delivering next generation solutions with SAP for Insurance

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