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Developed a cutting edge Cloud-based solution for enhancing indirect materials lifecycle management


The customer, a leading enterprise, provides IMLM solution to end-users and distributors. They offer a wide range of web-connected vending solutions, to provide control and automated dispensing of indirect materials.

The customer required a dynamic Cloud-based stack to improve reliability and performance.

Business challenge

  • Outdated technology stack – the previous solution used by the customer was built with old Microsoft technologies. This meant single point of failure, non-intuitive user interface and non-scalable platform.
  • Significant CapEx and OpEx involved upfront for customer implementation.
  • Weak on reporting and analytics support.

Our solution

  • Modern Azure Cloud-based stack for maximum availability, reliability and performance.
  • Fully redundant and distributed architecture and auto-scalable platform based on demand, backed by SLAs from Microsoft.
  • Modern, intuitive web-based interface, with support for all browsers.
  • Published APIs to allow third-party integrations.
  • Built-in analytics support for ad-hoc report generation.

Business impact

  • Built on SaaS model on Cloud, it simplified deployments and reduced infrastructure costs. It allowed faster scaling as per needs.
  • Ensured maximum scalability, 24X7 availability and high performance.
  • Increased visibility to material inventory and identifying & controlling indirect material usage.
  • Reduced annual cost of managing indirect materials: 15% reduction in material spends and 20% in inventory.
  • Enabled enterprise-level control on indirect materials. This resulted in 25% reduction in stockouts.


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Cloud based solution for indirect materials lifecycle management

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