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Developing a contact center application to enhance customer service in the banking sector


The customer was a leading community center bank. They needed an application to enable their relationship managers and contact center agents to access information from multiple customer service channels, while servicing customers. Mindtree’s application helped the bank capture crucial data about their customers and improve service in a very short time.

Business challenge

Today, contact center agents have to cope with tough challenges. A bank’s customer information is stored across a variety of systems as part of its IT system’s landscape. Having this information readily available to the customer service channels is crucial to meet the stated objectives. The bank’s contact center uses a discretely integrated, complex combination of applications to respond to customer queries and address their needs. Often, this integration of application forces agents to navigate across different applications to access information across multiple windows. Thus a different approach is needed to design a seamless user experience. This will enable the contact center agent to enhance customer experience, through increased speed and quality of call resolution.

The challenges include:

  • Consolidating the customer information into one easily accessible customer service application.
  • Reducing the number of customer interactions to resolve an issue, lowering the average customer interaction time. This will improve the end customer service efficiency of the financial institution.
  • Recording the issues that the bank’s customers experience by tracking their interactions, adding comments and notes.
  • Ensuring clear visibility to the alerts on the customer accounts, to avoid financial fraud.
  • Promoting sales opportunities to the customers to increase the financial institution’s business.
  • Failing to resolve the customer’s problems quickly has a negative impact on the bank`s retail banking index (total end customer experience).
  • Customer service channels must spend time researching customer and account information through several different tools, applications and screens to solve the customer’s problems. There is no comprehensive overview for customer calling
  • Failing to sufficiently track certain types of customer interactions with the bank, such as calls made to the contact center. This makes it difficult for the management to know the problems faced by the customers.
  • Reducing training time to help the bank save on costs. The approach should be to design the system in such a way that just a few hours of training will suffice.

Our solution:

Mindtree’s partnered with the bank to develop a dynamic application. It was used to:

  • Access customer information to help solve problems and provide good customer service.
  • Get an overview of a customer through a ‘one screen overview. ’ This will reveal their full relationship with the bank and their recent interactions / transactions with customer service channels across the bank.

To enhance end user experience and customer satisfaction, the design incorporated the following:

  • Efficacy and information security

a. ‘One screen overview’

b. Gave a dashboard feel to the customer overview page. This ensures that the information is directly upfront and the user need not navigate to other pages.

c. Quick access to vital information while servicing the customer.

d. Introduced features such as ‘alerts’ to highlight fraudulent activities.

e. Introduced a new approach with clear visibility of the authentication activity to minimize fraud.

  • Accuracy of information

f. Ensured the information is in front of the contact center agent for quick access, whenever desired.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

g. Introduced features such as ‘on call’ and capturing customer data.

h. Introduced quick profiling of the customers and cross-sell of various banking products, based on the profile.

i. Introduced features such as birthday and anniversary alerts trigger, to enable the contact center agent to greet the calling customer.

Our approach:

  • Unified multiple applications and tools into one. This was to enable contact center representatives to address the queries of their customers.
  • Implementation of the tasks manually by the users (contact center agents). This was made easier as the users could check in at the time of the call itself, thereby reducing the air handling time. Task flow analysis was done to understand the basic flow of a call and cut short the redundant areas of the call.
  • Introduced the interactive voice recognition section and the screen interface. The customer can directly enter the details and the contact center agent can verify who the end customer is. There is no need for authentication, resulting in reduced air handling time.
  • Prioritized the information and placed it on the screen in a way that reduces stress on the contact center agents. This will enable them to take more calls and address the customers quickly.
  • Introduced new features for cross-sell of products, thus minimizing risk of fraudulent activities.
Developing a contact center application to enhance customer service in the banking sector

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