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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Readiness Model for Accelerating Creative Process


Creative initiatives are an integral part of product or service life cycle. Such initiatives have their own set of challenges and issues and can become increasingly complex.

In this paper, we explore common challenges and issues in creative processes and how these can be addressed using our proposed incremental and graded model. The model defines five levels across five categories and 19 dimensions. Improving capabilities or readiness level on these 19 dimensions is a key enabler for organizations looking to successfully implement their creative processes.

If you are a Senior IT, Marketing and Business Executives embarking on DAM roll out journey or see the gaps in current process in terms quality, time to market and standardization use our model to access your readiness level.

Why Organizations Commission Creative Processes and what are the Challenges?

There are number of business use cases that require creative processes and include creation, management and distribution of multimedia (audio, video, images) assets. For instance, a marketing collaboration process in which multiple stakeholders work to make creatives which are then distributed to external channels - B2C, B2B or a combination of both. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a set of enabling technologies and processes that seamlessly drive creative initiatives. Creative projects are designed with a specific purpose in mind. The triggers for creative projects vary from organization to organization.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Readiness Model

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