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Dynamic process platforms for adaptive enterprises

eai and bpm practice

Complex enterprise integration needs innovative solutions. Our proven frameworks, technologies and delivery methods help deliver solutions in manufacturing, travel, logistics, banking, financial services, insurance, media and retail domains. As IBM’s Premier Business Partner, we have insight into product roadmaps that help you plan and execute your strategy better.

IBM offers a very powerful SOA and BPM platform. We help you harness its power to:

  • Work smarter internally and with partners
  • Leverage your legacy assets and Cloud solutions
  • Enable a mobile workforce
  • Create visibility, analyze in real time and automate response

soa and bpm

Total solution

Today, innovation is critical for a competitive edge. Enterprises look inward to optimize their applications and processes and provide cost-effective and differentiated services to their customers. They need solutions that are adaptive and dynamic and can be customized and deployed over a short period of time. We work with our partners to get them to the next level, quickly and cost effectively.

Banking, financial services & insurance

  • Structured and controlled mechanism for loan processing that reduces delays in loan processing and improves document handling
  • Customized domain information model and industry frameworks based on ACORD to access partner, legacy and date services with consistent provisioning and consumption

Manufacturing, CPG & retail

  • Process framework to optimize the collaboration between CPG and retailers to enable efficient campaign management and new item introduction
  • Mitigate sales loss from orders by controlling data discrepancies with a unified view of attributes and pricing, by retailers & CPG

Travel, media & services

  • Automated passenger, flight and ground handling services such as reservations, disruption management logistics, ticketing, gate operations and aircraft operations
  • Collaboration platform and best practice processes for improved media planning across planners, broadcasters and advertisers

Telecom service provider

Service optimization through standards based OSS / BSS integration based on eTOM and NGOSS models

Co-creation of value

Mindtree collaborates with customers to develop solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies for enterprise modernization and optimization. Our unique blend of domain expertise and technical depth, have helped us create flexible solutions that improve operational efficiencies and increase ROI. Our proven process-centric SOA approach, in conjunction with best-in-class BPM and SOA technologies from IBM WebSphere, makes it possible.

Agile delivery framework

90 days to value

We have merged our extreme engineering capabilities with best processes to allow our customers realize value quickly.

  • IBM WebSphere SOA and BPM product-specific estimation and requirements tools
  • Single team for all your process, rules, analytics and integration needs
  • Minimal rework and reduced project overhead for maximum value

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Dynamic process platforms for adaptive enterprises

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