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EAI & BPM services: possibilities for adaptive enterprises


Agile business processes and integrated applications are vital for the growth of enterprises across industries. Mindtree’s Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) practice conceive solutions to integrate applications and optimize processes. This is accomplished through proven frameworks, technologies and delivery methods. With our expertise-led approach and technology acumen, we deliver end-to-end solutions spanning process discovery, documentation, integration, automation, monitoring and continuous improvement.

Our dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs) act as innovation centers and enable us to deliver exhaustive assessments of our clients’ business process landscape.

centre of excellence

SOA and BPM - Total Solution

Mobile, cloud, analytical and social channels are creating opportunities to transform business operations and customer engagement. Enterprises are striving to stay ahead of competition with latest innovations. They are looking at their existing processes and applications to optimize and provide cost effective differentiated services.

With SOA / BPM platforms and tools from IBM, Oracle, TIBCO, Microsoft BizTalk and PEGA, we are equipped to provide insights into product roadmaps and help plan and execute strategies better.

Our proven industry solutions have helped enterprises from diverse industry segments including manufacturing, travel, logistics, banking, financial services, insurance, media and retail domains to jump start their implementations and resolve business challenges with ease.

Readily available solutions that are adaptive and dynamic in nature and that can be customized and deployed quickly provide value to businesses. We help our clients identify the right solutions and work with our partners to further customize these solutions to meet business needs. We take our clients to the next level, quickly and cost effectively.

soa and bpm total solution

SOA and BPM services for smarter processes and flexible integrations

soa and bpm services

BPM as super-glue for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)

Whether it’s connecting employees within the enterprise, or clients to businesses, or reaching out to partners to develop innovative products or services, BPM acts as the glue that binds and connects. It provides a flexible framework to connect people with information in an open manner, ensuring visibility, performance and compliance to regulatory requirements.

SMAC enabled enterprise

smac enabled enterprise

We help enterprises explore the synergies between SMAC technologies and BPM, which in turn supports them to take informed decisions and build intelligent business processes. By incorporating functionalities that support real-time business analytics, deep complex-event processing (CEP), social media to support behavior and collaboration, and expanded technologies to support growing requirements for mobility, BPM can be extended to the next level of adding more intelligence to processing capabilities.

Agile delivery framework

Our agile BPM delivery processes, templates and frameworks coupled with in-depth engineering capabilities enable our clients to realize benefits within 90 days. Our incremental value driven approach de-risks challenges associated with BPM implementations and provides immediate benefits, while ensuring that long terms goals are met within stipulated budgets. The factors that help us deliver value:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and BPM products-specific estimation and requirements tools
  • Single team for all process, rules, analytics and integration needs
  • Minimum rework and reduced project overhead for maximum value
Agile delivery framework

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EAI & BPM services: Possibilities for Adaptive Enterprises

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