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An effective data management portal for 1.21 billion residents of India


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), established by the Government of India, is mandated to issue a unique identification number (called Aadhaar or UID) with associated biometric data to all residents to allow them to identify themselves anywhere in India, and to access a host of benefits and services.

Here is how Mindtree helped the UIDAI build an ambitious data management portal with information pertaining to millions of residents alongside thousands of employees and partners.

The challenge

The customer wanted to build a single portal to share and manage data pertaining to its stakeholders―residents, employees and partners. This included master and transaction data, demographic and status of enrollments and certification data. There were several challenges in organizing and displaying this data, including:

  • The need to track over 250 million enrollments through 15 different stages before Aadhaar generation, and for each individual enrolment to be tracked from its respective stage within seconds with resident demographic data, resident photograph and generation stage
  • Managing hundreds of partners with over 180,000 employees
  • Representing progress in a way that enables trend and comparative analysis between Indian states, districts and so on
  • 1700+ different reports for quality and performance monitoring to be shared with partners under strict access control
  • Developing a secure system login for partners and internal users
  • Developing functionality to certify and bring partners performing enrolments in the field on board

Our solution

To meet the customer's needs, Mindtree created a common platform called the UIDAI Admin Portal. The solution was delivered using an agile approach based on iterative and incremental development.

  • Each successive incremental phase had:
  • Requirement definition and user experience analysis
  • Extensive documentation of the solution
  • Design, development, product testing and delivery
  • System acceptance with pre-defined test cases

The solution was built largely on open-source technologies for the database, search, secure access, trend analysis and bulk operation capabilities.

Going forward, Mindtree has also been tasked with maintaining and further building out the system as more features and partners are added to the program.

Business impact

  • Search function accurately returns a single resident’s data from 250 million unique records within seconds
  • Graphical and layered display shows aggregate data
  • Secure management covers hundreds of partners and over 180,000 employees
  • Efficient interfacing with research community
An effective data management portal for 1.21 billion residents of India

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