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Efficient infrastructure set up and seamless migration for a financial services enterprise


Across industries, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures make special demands of the IT function. The need of the hour is to preserve business continuity even as critical systems are modified or entirely new systems put in place.

Here is how Mindtree helped a financial services enterprise migrate its applications and upgrade vital systems following its acquisition by a private equity firm.

The challenge

Following an acquisition, the customer needed to set up an infrastructure stack and migrate applications in a short span of time without impacting its business. They also needed to set up a data center and operational data store. In addition, the customer faced issues such as:

  • High maintenance fees due to using technologies from disparate vendors, requiring a wide range of technical expertise
  • High service fees for loan boarding; with an additional problem of errors due to manual processes
  • High overheads for processes that needed to be run periodically

The customer chose Mindtree for our extensive technology and financial domain knowledge. In particular, we were chosen for our ability to migrate key applications and build them on a future-ready platform, without compromising accuracy or performance standards.

Our solution

Mindtree collaborated with the customer on its most pressing IT needs:

  • Migrating and updating applications with latest technologies
  • Improving the loan boarding process
  • Automating processes
  • Setting up a unified Microsoft IT platform
  • Setting up an in-house operation data store and reporting mechanism
  • Providing support during US off-hours

Developing and migrating applications

Mindtree helped the customer develop or migrate all its home lending applications. Migrated applications included a customer service website, property validation application, middle tier services and SQL server integration services package.

We also developed intranet applications to print UPS shipping labels and improve loan boarding. Previously, each boarding used to consume resources across various departments and took 4-6 months to complete. With a new process, the customer can complete the boarding with 45 days and manage two loan boarding processes simultaneously.

Operation data store

We set up an operation data store and daily data warehouse loads. We also set up Windows servers and SQL Servers with space estimation and IO stress test to support the system for the period of three years.

Mindtree continues to work with the customer on application maintenance, production support, reporting, enhancements and application development.

Business impact

  • Rapid delivery for faster go live
  • Cost-effective migration via offshore centers
  • Lower cost operations through consolidation of legacy systems
  • High quality reporting at lower cost
  • Greater efficiency through automating 100+ processes
  • 20% improvements in response time
Efficient infrastructure set up and seamless migration for a financial services enterprise

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