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Enabling efficient tracking for cold storage logistics


Client background

The client is one of the leading refrigerated logistics companies in the world operating 100+ modern & temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centres across Americas and Asia Pacific. It offers custom freezing and comprehensive third party logistics and transportation services.

The opportunity

The fast inroads made by emerging and new technologies have left logistics companies with a lot of catching up to do. They are grappling with the increasingly demanding customers who want information at their fingertips. Our client was facing a similar challenge in terms of operating on a legacy Warehouse Management System (WMS). They wanted to improve shipment tracking efficiency by updating and enhancing the capabilities of the existing applications of the WMS.

Mindtree solution

Application Development being a core area of expertise for Mindtree, we supported the client in revamping their existing Warehouse Management System by rewriting, updating and enhancing their legacy applications. The scope involved applications for:

  • Inbound operations: received order creation, location identification, storage
  • Outbound operations: order allocation, order picking, shipping, Dispatch Order Creation, Maintenance & Confirmation
  • Inventory management: Stock Take & Stock Adjustment
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • System Master Maintenance
  • Reports & Inquiries: Stock details, daily movement, Received Order & Dispatch Order

Mindtree proposed a solution for redesigning the database, modernizing/ modularizing the code, employing latest versions of the existing technologies, implementing user-friendly screen navigations and implementing new functionalities.

Our solution also ensured that the new design did not impact the existing linkages or dependencies and resulted in a smooth process flow between enterprise applications interfacing the WMS. There were in fact, multiple other systems interfacing the WMS like RF system (inbound receivables, order picking, despatch & truck control, cycle counting, replenishments), labor management system, supplier/ customer tracking interface, billing module, voice picking solution etc. The robust design of Mindtree’s solution enabled all these enterprise applications to seamlessly interface with the WMS with minimal downtime.

Enabling efficient tracking for cold storage logistics

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