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Enhanced Gamer service for a leading global company by migrating CRM to Cloud



  • Inorganic growth lead to acquisitions of multiple CRM systems
  • Need to support end customers, with the volume potentially exceeding ten million
  • Complex events and varied user experiences in gaming leading to higher tickets
  • Need for low-cost rapid mining platform


  • Migrated CRM systems to Salesforce Service Cloud. Architected and implemented a platform to integrate with legacy systems
  • Integrated end customer portal built on AWS with middleware
  • Centered customer data warehouse around Amazon Redshift with MAP R-driven data lake to manage unstructured data content with real-time analysis


  • Reduced gamer response time by 2 minutes
  • 15% cost savings ($3M per game) annually
  • 16% profitability increase per game for a total $8M revenue increase
  • 4% drop in gamer churn

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