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Enhancing time to market and QA cost saving through Managed Test Function (MTF)s


Mindtree Managed Test Function (MTF) is a highly effective testing solution that delivers an end-to end, seamless banking experience. Rather than defining quality merely by industry standards, MTF goes a step further and sees quality as, “value, as perceived by the customer”. To us, standards compliance is a given. However, we believe that there can be no ‘one size fits all’ definition of quality. Based on their needs and expectations, customers have varying views of quality during each individual engagement like value from time-lines, cost effectiveness, performance, service or other parameters. MTF is one such model that offers this solution.

The customer

The customer is a leading U.S. bank that offers commercial and private banking services to emerging / mature enterprises in technology, life science, private equity and premium wine industries. Mindtree partnered with the customer to address the specific challenges of enhancing of testing activities management, knowledge management and retaining various applications. Mindtree has been a one stop testing center for this customer for over 6 years, of which were engaged in the MTF model for 3.5 years.

Business challenge

The customer needed to improve their time-to-market and cost-effectiveness. They engaged an independent testing enterprise to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce QA cost and increase profits by outsourcing the work to highly capable testing partners
  • Domain and testing expertise with CoE
  • Expertise in specialized testing, test automation, performance and mobile testing services

Our solution

Mindtree proposed a managed services model to support the customer’s end goals. With the customer's concurrence, we transitioned from a resource supply model based predominantly on staff augmentation, to one that includes managed services.

Solution highlights

  • Conducted a disciplined knowledge and planning phase for a successful transition
  • Led a multistage transition and governance phase where Mindtree progressively took on greater responsibility, eventually assuming management control over an entirely offshored function
  • Defined, normalized the unit of work model with a core and flexible, team concept
  • Put in place a robust governance mechanism with clearly defined communication, escalation and management paths
  • Conducted end-to-end testing services covering functional, regression automation and specialized testing services
  • Launched knowledge management and learning initiatives to retain knowledge within the team
  • Managed test function bringing independent validation of quality
  • Established a service delivery mechanism defined on seventeen Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for optimum queue management and service excellence
  • Established a capacity planning and service request fulfillment workflow
  • Took a systematic approach to manage compliance to banking regulation
  • Facilitated leadership exchange for strategic thinking
  • Focused on banking domain certification, KMAP-driven knowledge management and leadership trainings

Business impact

  • Mindtree delivered an overall 27% cost savings using the Managed Test Function (MTF) model
  • Continuous improvement in test maturity, delivering 36% faster time to market year on year
  • Offshore leverage increased from 55% to 85% within 3 years
  • Over USD 50,000 cost savings and 2000+ QA hours saved by automation
Enhancing time to market and QA cost saving through Managed Test Function (MTF)s

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