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EtherMind Bluetooth® 5.1


Comprehensive, production proven and qualified Bluetooth Stack and Profiles IP

Mindtree is acknowledged by the Bluetooth SIG as one of the creators of the Bluetooth version 4.x and 5.x specification. We have been building and Licensing Bluetooth IP solutions since 2000, over the years, we have consistently certified generations of our silicon and software IP by the Bluetooth SIG.

Mindtree’s EtherMind Dual Mode Stack and Profiles has been widely licensed to numerous semiconductor companies and OEMs across the globe. Today EtherMind is licensed to more than 60+ customers. The v5, v4.x and v2.1+EDR IP has been licensed to OEMs including a major Asian Mobile OEM, Garmin, LG, QNX, Panasonic and Logitech. Semiconductor companies including Intel, Texas Instruments and Rohm have also licensed our EtherMind IP

EtherMind Bluetooth low energy Stack and Profiles has been hardened in many consumer devices including mobile phones and mono headsets as it simplifies maintenance, builds reliable functioning and takes a holistic view to increase quality of service (QoS).

Mindtree’s Bluetooth Stack and Profiles supports all the mandatory as well as optional features of the Bluetooth core stack and the profiles. EtherMind is optimized for embedded applications and offer significant savings in hardware “Bill of Materials”. EtherMind requires just 1/10th the memory of competitive stacks that have been designed for PC and mobile phone applications.

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