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EtherMind Bluetooth® Mesh IP


Revolutionize your products with Bluetooth Mesh Networking technology

Mesh networking technology is critical in IoT, home automation and industrial applications. Bluetooth Mesh enables an interoperable mesh networking over low power Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. EtherMind Bluetooth Mesh is Mindtree’s Bluetooth low energy Mesh IP, which supports Bluetooth Mesh v1.0.1 specification.

Mindtree can help you add the Mesh capability to any of your Bluetooth low energy products which support Bluetooth version 4.0 and beyond. By partnering with us, customers can achieve faster go-to-market for their products. To view the video demo of Mindtree’s implementation of Bluetooth Mesh IP, click here

Bluetooth Mesh IP Suite – Product Features

Mindtree Bluetooth Mesh’s IP is aligned to Mesh v1.0.1 specifications. It supports all mandatory and optional specifications, all states (Servers, Clients) and topology roles (Edge Node and Relay Nodes). Mindtree’s Mesh IP is built on top of Mindtree Bluetooth
low energy stack. However, it can quite easily be ported onto any third party Bluetooth low energy stack. This requires access to the GATT Layer (for GATT Bearer interface) and HCI Layer (Advertising Bearer interface).

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