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ETL options across cloud


Would you like to revolutionize and uncover the unlimited power of data from various sources and productionalize your AI/ML models for amazing recommendations? Do you want to consolidate multiple formats & multiple data sources to have powerful big data (volume, variety, veracity and velocity) platform that has faster, easier to manage data lineage with repeatable advanced analytics processes, and receive billions of recommendations from PB scale data? Would you like to see the utmost bigdata features, functions, and ‘augmented next-gen analytics’ best practices for achieving data-driven rich, deeper insights in a very near-real-time (streaming) or batch model?

The building blocks for achieving that goal is to set up a flexible, insights & low-latency search infused Enterprise DataLake (DWH) or ‘augmented analytics’ platform that should include a data driven ETL & ELT- batch and streaming unified platform; with accelerated practices of data preparation, data enrichment, data transformation and data governance & exploration solutions.

Many organizations that are trying to become data-driven or insights oriented organizations in the near future have started setting up the environment and culture needed for building and using the power of advanced analytics for their business to make swift recommendations and business decisions. Augmented analytics platform enhances the quality and availability of the services for growing the business footprints.

To be a harbinger and stay ahead in the current competitive world, there are massive requirements to have the capability for getting deeper insights, customer 360 degree preferences & recommendations, and integration of business systems across multi-channels (social media/,etc.) for seamless user onboarding/marketing.

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ETL Option across cloud

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