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European bank tackles backlogged Murex issues with a support team overhaul



A European bank used Murex for its trading platform but was plagued by a huge backlog of unresolved issues with the platform. These issues had mounted due to high attrition in the support team and a corresponding lack of knowledge retention. The bank was looking for a partner to expedite issue resolution and set up processes for their support services.


Mindtree provided a team of Murex subject matter experts to manage the support team. The Mindtree team defined processes for acknowledging, tracking and monitoring customer issues. It streamlined issue resolution and set up a testing team to expedite validation. With Mindtree’s help, the bank tackled numerous backlogged issues. The bank was able to implement and support market data interfaces for more than 20 clients around the world and handle troubleshooting pertaining to RTImport and RTBS. It also helped clients implement, extend and correct configurations, perform migrations and upgrades on various Murex versions, and developed and tested new market data modules.


The Mindtree team improved the knowledge base for the bank’s support team by implementing a Known Error Database (KEDB). It also reduced backlogged Murex-related issues by 60% over a period of one and a half years.

European bank tackles backlogged Murex issues with a support team overhaul

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