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The Evolution Of NoOps


The Evolution of NoOps

The core objective of most IT strategies should be focused on maximizing the value-chain. However, with the introduction of new technologies and capabilities, the value-chain itself has adapted. Mindtree believes that NoOps has taken on a life of its own that is not only complementary to DevOps, but also necessary to accelerate the entire IT value-chain.

New Cloud Technologies Are Driving Shifts

The wide adoption of cloud technologies, particularly Public Hyper-scale Cloud, has introduced new technologies, scale, and capabilities that have accelerated the IT value-chain. Along with the shift in both ownership and operation of IT services to cloud service providers (CSPs), we also see a plethora of interesting cloud services. CSP's provide more complex and affordable technologies to subscribers, which also require more complex skills and knowledge to utilize these technologies for the business. All of these dynamics have cause a fundamental shift of value in the IT value-chain .

The Shift in the IT Value-Chain

If we were to isolate a simple view of the IT value chain, it would have an ITILv4-like shape that includes 4 stages: build, test, release, and operate. From this simplified view, the DevOps zone represents the most value of the chain (build, test, release) as this is where new capabilities are created. However, the most value is really buried in the "build" and "test" stages, which typically requires the most skilled resources. The promise of NoOps was intended to eliminate the friction with the infrastructure operations, particularly for the "release" stage, so that highly-skilled developers could accelerate their value by not having to interoperate with IT ops.

The Shift in the IT Value-Chain

Figure 1 : Extending NoOps Zone with Hyper-Automation

Reaching Up and Down the Value-Chain

Mindtree believes that the "NoOps Zone" can extend further up and down the IT value-chain to drive even more accelerated business value with our Cognitive Hyper-Automation Plat forms. Towards the right in the value chain, additional Al/ML automation can drive significant cost savings and operational efficiency for IT infrastructure and application operations (Mindtree's SMART Command Center ). Toward the left, NoOps automation can provide quality engineering and testing automation, and also reach into build automation to accelerate the build process itself (Mindtree's CAPE for Accelerated DevOps) . This platform-led Hyper-Automa­tion extends the NoOps zone to accelerate the entire IT value-chain.


Figure 2: fv1indtree's End-to-End Hyper-Automation Platform, CAPE™.

Proof Points

Proof Point 1: Implement and operate a Hyper-Automated IT Operations Command Center for the world's largest Private Equity Firm:

Hyper-Automated IT Operations

Proof Point 2: Define and implement platform-led cloud native application DevOps solution for a leading Beauty Brand company:

cloud native app


Today we cannot fully eliminate the human element of IT Operations, we can greatly improve the scope and scale of "NoOps" through a Cognitive Hyper-Automation Platform. Although the IT value-chain contains friction points that erode the business value, the real issue is "process", not IT infrastructure. However, extending hyper-automation through cognitive automation platforms up and down the value chain is the right answer to drive additional business value. And NoOps is just the beginning of what we'll be able to do with Hyper-Automation.

Mindtree Whitepaper The Evolution Of NoOps

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