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Flooresense for Public Spaces


Global trends are shaping the future of the brick and mortar businesses. For instance, malls are no longer just shopping centers. They have evolved into “community centers” to provide experiences that go way beyond traditional shopping. This transformation is accelerated by digitalization. Retail Analytics for Malls and Public spaces has opened the window of opportunities to engage with visitors throughout their decision journey. Businesses are adopting technology to understand real-time visitor behavior inside their physical space. However, translating this data to maximize revenue is still a challenge.

Flooresense is a real time, intelligent analytics solution. It understands and translates visitor behavior into rich actionable insights to maximize conversion and revenue. It helps in identifying and eliminating friction points in visitor journey by answering business questions such as:

  • How many visitors enter the site/zone and where do they go after entering?
  • How long do they dwell?
  • How many visitors interacted with the promotions?
  • Which are the highly/least utilized areas?

These insights lead to optimized operations and enhanced visitor experience resulting in increased revenue.

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