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Flooresense: In-store Intelligence - Specialty


The digital era has changed the playing field for both retailers and shoppers. Today’s shoppers are no longer confined to physical stores. They can go online to access more product and store information than ever before. And if they have a bad experience in a store, they can shop online. This new breed of shoppers demand more convenience and less friction from their shopping experience. And when they shop in-store, sales associates play an important role in determining the outcome of their purchase journey.

A study sponsored by Mindtree, examined the impact of sales associates on the shopper’s purchase journey in the U.S. across five retail sectors: home improvement, electronics and consumer goods, department stores, fashion retail, and specialty retail. According to the report, sales associates have a significant influence on the purchase decisions of 70% of shoppers. Shoppers who interact with a sales associate, are 43% more likely to purchase a product. Their purchases are also higher in value by 81% compared to those who don’t interact with an associate. In addition, they are 12% more likely to revisit the store.

Flooresense is Mindtree’s video analytics solution. It uses retail shopper behavior insights to connect the right store associate with the potential shopper to increase in-store sales. Flooresense eliminates friction points in a shopper’s journey, evaluates in-store sales promotion, and optimizes store operations using real-time Business Intelligence. This in turn, leads to enhanced in-store experience resulting in increased revenue.

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