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Front-end data visualization tools to look out for in 2021


Data visualization leverages the incredible capabilities and bandwidth of the visual systems to move a huge amount of information into our brains quickly - it helps us comprehend information quickly. For instance, charts, maps, graphs, etc. are used to show trends, patterns, irregularities and relationships. Data visualization techniques are continuously evolving and significantly impact today’s business due to the crazy amount of data we are rapidly producing. This is where data visualization tools come into play to create different charts from simple to advanced to bring data to life. In this article, we discuss the top 5 data visualization tools for front-end developers to look out for in 2021.

Furthermore, we will try to understand which tools are widely used among the developers by looking at their weekly Node Package Manager (NPM) downloads, Stack overflow data, GitHub activities and topic searches on Google. We will go through the bellow points to see the capability of each tool – this helps us to know the likelihood of the tool appearing or dominating in 2021:

  • How large is the dataset?
  • What kind of charts do you want to use?
  • Where is this tool used? e.g., Web, tablet, mobile?
  • Browser support
  • Do you need to use any framework/library or plain JavaScript will be sufficient?

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