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Gladius video management software


Gladius Video Management Software (VMS) is a comprehensive open platform video surveillance solution that is ideal for small, medium and large-sized installations of up to 1000 cameras. Gladius is Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) compliant and it also supports a wide range of industry-leading IP cameras and encoders of leading manufacturers. This enables the system to scale up and adapt to the changing needs of the user.


  • Scalability: Gladius is available in two different types ― Lite / Pro, to suit the requirement of the installation. The distributed architecture and the ability to run on standard off-the-shelf hardware, ensure hassle-free system expansions.
  • Beyond surveillance – video analytics: A large suite of video analytics algorithms are available as add-on plug-in modules. This enables designated users to receive timely alerts and detect events of interest.
  • Reliability: It is a highly reliable platform which supports failover and redundancy.
  • Unified security solution: It improves effectiveness and saves time through unified security system. It can be unified with video data, access control events and alarms.
  • Smart video streaming: Irrespective of the number of streams the camera provides, Gladius offers uninterrupted video for both monitoring and recording.
  • Mobile surveillance: Gladius mobile application supports iOS and Android platform to provide surveillance on the move.

Product features

Views and layouts

  • Layouts: Six different types of layouts are available for quick
  • Selection: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 1+5.
  • Custom views: The user is allowed to create private or public layouts according to changing needs.
  • Favorite views: The created custom views can be saved under favorites for easy access.
  • Auto layout: The system will create layouts automatically by drag and drop of the cameras, from the list to the layout area.
  • Instant playback: The user can monitor instant playback of any camera in 1x1 / full screen mode.


  • Create sitemap: A two level sitemap can be created. Custom views include site maps and cameras in one view.
  • Alarms: The alarms are displayed in the sitemap, enabling the user to take timely action.
  • Field of view: The user can create field of view of the cameras, indicating the area of coverage.
  • Live view: The user can monitor live video of the camera in the sitemap, by a simple mouse over.

Recording and playback

  • Video and audio: The user can record not only the video from the IP CCTV camera, but also the audio (for supported cameras).
  • Modes supported: Gladius supports manual, continuous activity, alarm only and no recording modes per camera.
  • Recording servers: The system supports multiple servers for recording.
  • Streaming servers: An optional streaming server is available for rendering additional streams for recording and live viewing.
  • Playback mode: The user can search for the videos in either timeline view or table view.
  • Bookmark: At any point, the user can bookmark a video sequence for quick search in the future.
  • Export: Exporting the video data in native format with multiple file export option makes it a hassle free export and playback of the video sequence.

Events and controls

  • Alarms: Gladius supports inbuilt video analytic alarms such as scene change detection, camera occlusion, audio beyond threshold and unexpected activity detection. The user can also acknowledge, comment, cancel and forward the alarms.
  • Event action: Automatic actions can be configured per camera for each event. The actions supported comprise play the audio file, audio beep, SMS, email, camera preset and relay out.
  • PTZ controls and digital zoom: On-screen, mouse based PTZ controls for the user to control the PTZ functionality without delay. Digital zoom supports both on live and recorded videos.
  • Snapshots: The snapshot of any camera in the tile can be taken and saved in the database for future investigation and evidence purposes.
  • Camera discovery: IP cameras of different makes and models can be added automatically. Manual and bulk additions of cameras are also supported.
  • Reports: A comprehensive reporting on the alarms, event logs, health status of the devices such as IP camera, server and workstation are provided.

Other products and service offerings


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  • Consulting
  • Licensing and customization
  • Third party integration
  • Infrastructure management
Gladius video management software

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