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Helping information service companies translate data into actionable insights


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Turning disruption into differentiation

Industries like media, retail and consumer goods are in the eye of a storm with new ways to consume, advertising expectations and business models. The shift to personalized offerings, direct-to-consumer and omni-channel customer service has thrown the industry into reinvention.

The recent pandemic has further changed the dynamics related to consumer lifestyles, behaviors and consumption patterns. Supply chains have shifted based on consumer demand and purchasing patterns. There is a sudden drop in the demand of non-essentials, and it is expected to stay this way in the near-term. At the same time, we are witnessing increased media content consumption with a corresponding uptick in digital ingestion, as more people spend time at home.

In these dynamic scenarios, information services companies need to keep abreast of the new trends and translate data into actionable insights, which will help their clients navigate through these unchartered waters.

Welcome to Possible - We help the information industry ride this shif

Mindtree delivers a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions and services for the information services industry in order to differentiate in the market:

  • Tie macro-economic conditions with regional factors to understand consumer preferences
  • Leverage cloud-native big data frameworks to track consumption and purchase behavior
  • Use AI/ML-powered analytics and insights to predict future trends and patterns
  • Digitalize and unlock full economic value of legacy content assets
  • Develop world-class omni-channel customer service capabilities
  • Use emerging technologies to build a competitive edge

We are ‘Born Digital’ and it is no surprise that our clients, who are seeking to transform themselves, love Mindtree’s digital-first, innovative mindset and our ability to recast legacy for the millennial world. Through our various centers of excellence, we are actively building new service offerings and accelerators around customer data hub, customer 360, hyper-personalization, targeted advertisement, AI/ML-powered analytics ecosystem, and AI-led intelligence curation and publishing.

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Our business outcome driven approach

Over the last decade, we have had the privilege of working with renowned organizations in the information services industry on their transformation agenda and have developed impactful, long-term partnerships.

Leading Market Research and Consumer Insights Company

The client had huge amounts of bespoke analysis and insights solutions which resulted in long turnaround times. Mindtree created an AI-powered truly digital platform to change the very fundamentals of how insights are generated, and business recommendations/opportunities identified and delivered. The solution, hosted on GCP, syncs-up with POS, consumer survey and third-party data. The ecosystem feeds the required data to an algorithm in the form of an API (a dockerized python code running on Kubernetes-GKE). The response/output from the API is cached and stored in PostgreSQL DB. This also allows any other dependent algorithms to use the output. Mindtree has democratized the algorithm which can be used as a service within various division like Sales, Supply Chain, Branding etc. Key business advantages are near real-time market insights, cross domain recommendations, scalability, mass-migration of existing insights, and a unified interface and ecosystem.

Leading Information Services Company

The new normal has created the need for faster disease diagnostics, clinical trials and treatments. The client wanted to formulate the clinical trial strategy and protocol design using pharma trends and analysis. It required faster access to clinical trial data and cut drug development cycle. Mindtree brought the right data science and content publishing accelerators to enable effective decision-making during clinical trials. The solution included utilizing a cloud-native big data framework for multi-source data ingestion, curation and processing. The team used a workflow-driven approach for data curation, validation, editing, visualization and creating a micro-services based architecture with API led integration. Key business advantages are streamlined clinical trial operations by 30-40%, reduced cost of data operation by 30% and reduced drug development time.

Leading Information Services Company

The client had huge amounts of data spread across systems and was missing a single version of truth. Data siloes across marketing, sales, procurement and financial systems were leading to a missing centralized metrics to know their customers better. Mindtree created a Data Warehouse (DW) solution, which collected, stored, processed and streamlined data from different sources to give a comprehensive view of their customer’s details. Data collected from heterogeneous systems was transformed and standardized to be used in the reporting layer. With the help of the DW, executives could run dashboards and measure critical success criteria. Key business advantages are ability to measure campaign effectiveness in terms of opportunity and sales generation, opportunities to cross-up sell services though an integrated customer view and one decision support system for all reporting needs.

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