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Helping SuccessFactors (SF) transform Human Capital Management


Mindtree – SuccessFactors (SF) Engagement & Capabilities

Helping SuccessFactors (SF) transform Human Capital Management
Helping SuccessFactors (SF) transform Human Capital Management
  1. Prepare – This phase lays the foundation for successful implementation, creating a joint understanding of the project goals, product knowledge and configuration requirements. The checkpoint for sign off of this phase is project readiness.
  2. Realize – The plans and requirements determined in the first place is included in this phase and applies them to the system. The checkpoint is configuration sign off.
  3. Verify – This phase is customer driven and includes assessing the system readiness as well as the customer user base readiness. The checkpoint is integration testing sign off.
  4. Launch – In this phase, the team prepares for the GOLive. The production environment is prepared, the customer success transition occurs and the customer is supported through GOLive. The checkpoint is production readiness sign off.
Helping SuccessFactors (SF) transform Human Capital Management
Helping SuccessFactors (SF) transform Human Capital Management

There are three options available for SAP customers to deploy the solution:

  1. Full HCM in Cloud – All core HR and talent management modules are in SF with checkpoint as the configuration sign off.
  2. Full HCM in on-premise – All core HR and talent management modules are in SAP Enterprise Portal.
  3. Hybrid – It is the combination of both SAP and SF. The core HR modules would be in SAP and talent management modules in SF as illustrated in the diagram.

Success story 1:

SF product QA / engineering engagement


The customer is an expert in business execution software and is a product leader for HR related software. The objective of this project was to perform functional & regression testing and support the customer in maintenance of the test execution.


  • Requirements documents not updated regularly making testing new features difficult
  • Fixed release cycle schedule making unplanned leaves difficult to compensate
  • Testing in different versions of browsers
  • Perform 508 compliance testing

Our solution:

We organized regular interactions with the development team to understand the enhancements better. Demos were organized before the QA execution cycle started involving the development team to review the test scenarios and test cases. We created backup resources to mitigate leave plans. Virtual PCs were installed to test on different versions of browsers as well. Testing from the perspective of the visually challenged is an upcoming standard worldwide and a lot of learning was needed to accomplish this.

Business impact:

  • Reduced production defects
  • Increase in end customers’ confidence
  • Defects to enhancement ratio increased considerably through proactive product understanding

Success story 2:

Mindtree internal implementation


The customer uses SAP for core HR and different diversified inbuilt custom applications for talent management. They chose SF to replace their existing PMGM, compensation and recruiting applications in phase one and planned to use the other module benefits of SF.


The existing application has been highly customized to fulfill the requirements. The business process had to be remodelled as per best practice in HCM domain.

Our solution:

Mindtree recommended the SF best practice. A couple of iterations have been demonstrated and reconfigured to suit the requirement.

Business impact:

  • Simplified enterprise wide goal setting process
  • Continuous feedback
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Improved focus on strategic initiatives and better business outcome
  • Simple, user-friendly and audit log
  • Effective review and calibration
Helping SuccessFactors (SF) transform Human Capital Management

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