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How the largest private company in Portugal leveraged Shotclasses to communicate with its people



Frequently changing product and policy updates had to be shared with a diverse set of functions


Shotclasses was used as a smart, microlearning app to deliver content quickly across users


Fast and easy communication with various teams across functions and geographies

The Challenge

The client was looking for ways to improve its training and communications delivery for a diverse group of users across functions such as Design, Operations, Delivery and IT. Frequent changes in organizational policies and procedures, coupled with the requirement to train users on new tools, led to a steeper learning curve, and limited engagement with the existing learning programs and initiatives.

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Our Solution

Mindtree implemented Shotclasses to deliver on-the-go learning and communication for diverse teams in the following ways:

  • It deployed Shotclasses as the one-stop learning and communication hub, making it easy and fun to access the right content at the right time.
  • It disseminated communication nuggets on all company updates, ranging from policies and procedures to employee offers.
  • It distributed learning content on systems and technology tools such as management dashboards for targeted groups.

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The platform’s gamified approach and ease of use helped deliver several tangible benefits including:

  • Improved access, uptake and retention of specific product knowledge, empowering the sales representatives to boost conversion, improve productivity, and utilize their time better.
  • Improved training adoption and engagement through incentives, gamified techniques, and multi-lingual content delivery.
  • Significantly reduced training costs and other operational overheads such as procurement/travel costs, as the sales representatives were not required to travel to regional offices to procure training materials.

About the Client

The client is a leading Portuguese multinational company, with a diversified portfolio of businesses in retail, financial services, technology, shopping centers and telecommunication.

How the largest private company in Portugal leveraged Shotclasses to communicate with its people

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