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How this multinational financial services company transformed its customer service through microlearning



Effectively train customer service reps to answer customer queries and resolve complaints


Shotclasses enabled quick delivery of SOPs and best practices to ensure better customer support


Faster resolution of customer complaints and higher customer satisfaction

Executive Summary

A leading multinational financial services company was facing multi-pronged challenges with its conventional customer service training programs that were delivered either in-person or through desktop-based legacy software. Mindtree’s Shotclasseses – an end-to-end microlearning platform - helped the client transition to a digital learning channel. The result: improved learner engagement and consequently, superior overall customer experience.

The Challenge

Customer service executives at the client’s firm found it challenging to learn from conventional training methods such as in-person or desktop-based sessions. The reason: they lacked the flexibility to enable training anytime, anywhere, and on a device of their preference. As a result, learner engagement, participation, and uptake of the training programs were dismally low. Moreover, the client lacked access to a proper channel to deliver frequent updates and key information on policy and market trends to its leadership.

How this multinational financial services company

Our Solution

To address the client’s challenges, Mindtree deployed Shotclasses – an end-to-end microlearning solution designed for the needs of modern learners and organizations. It helped create a digital learning channel to launch and rapidly share information with the team as well as the c-suite. The client used Shotclasses to:

  • Deliver bite-sized (typically less than five minutes long) online training modules that could be accessed by its customer service executives on the go.
  • Share standard operating procedures as well as best practices to help their team deliver a great customer experience.
  • Engage the team through social learning forums and the platform’s gamified learning approach.

How this multinational financial services company


Mindtree’s Shotclasses helped deliver several tangible benefits such as:

  • 90% of targeted sales associates used Shotclasses to learn about products
  • Increased sales conversions due to improved product knowledge
  • Increased engagement of sales associates through platform’s gamified approach to learning and use of social forums

About the Client

A U.S based multinational financial services company that is the world’s largest card issuer by purchase volume. The company employs more than 20,000 customer service representatives.

How this multinational financial services company transformed its customer service through microlearning

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