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Hyper Automated SMART Command Center


Unifying IT Support into a Hyper-automated Command Center


Today's new paradigm will require multiple cost take-out initiatives to ensure that cash and resources can be conserved. With these heavy economic pressures, businesses seek to drive out costs and maintain customer engagement with uncompromised quality, while also supporting a larger-than-planned remote workforce. In this whitepaper, we have outlined how you can reduce your IT costs by converging your IT operations into a highly-automated unified command center.

Converging IT Operations

Fortune 500 companies, on an average, allocate about 3% of revenue to IT budgets, much of which is spent on IT operations. Typically, separate support teams are created for applications (many times more than one), infrastructure and the service desk. Converging all of these IT operation support teams into a Unified Support Model provides you with significant business values, such as: improved end-to-end visibility, fewer hand-offs, improved flexibility, and faster fulfillment of requests and incidents. A Unified Support Model also provides a broader scope to apply hyper-automation, magnifying your economy of scale.

Mindtree helps drive IT cost reductions through two approaches: Operations Hyper-automation, and Digital Workforce. Our operations hyper-automation is driven through Al/ML algorithms to enable automated response to alerts, as well as predictive maintenance capabilities, and delivered with Mindtree's service delivery platform, MWatchTM. When combined with our Digital Workforce of 750+ Bots, Mindtree can combine both application and infrastructure L1 + L2 +L3 operations into a single, converged SMART Command Center (SCC), driving operational cost savings of up to 55%.

Hyper-Automated Unified Support Model to Reduce IT Costs

Mindtree can converge the support activities for Cloud, Applications, and Infrastructure to provide a full-stack ops team, with end-to-end Al/ML automation. The end result is a Secure, Managed, Autonomous, Resilient, Targeted(SMART) Command Center enabled by hyper-automation using Mindtree accelerators like pre-built automation in Mindtree MWatchTM, and Mindtree's machine learning automation component, lntelyzer.

Reducing DevOps Costs with Hyper-Automated SCC

The SMART Command Center (SCC) efficiency is further optimized by a hyper-automated DevOps model using CI/ CD tool chain created on a Cloud-native platform, or by leveraging the Mindtree hybrid intelligent automation platform, CAPE™ (Composable Automated Platform for Enterprise).

Mindtree CAPE™ is a configurable 'meta-platform' that allows organizations to compose, provision, deploy, operate, and visualize the entire IT lifecycle plan to operate phases,all from a single canvas. Equipped with an APl-based architecture, CAPE™ can integrate with over 100+ CI/ CD lifecycle tools that exist in the market today, such as those specializing in Continuous Integra­tion, Provisioning, Deployment, Monitoring, Secure Scanning, Automation Regression Testing, etc. CAPE™ is designed to work on a multi-cloud or on-prem enabling us to integrate and deploy them easily into the client's existing landscape, and start easy automation from Day 1 of the engagement.

CAPE™ adds value primarily in three areas:

  1. Enabling Intelligent Automation-driven operations : Integrate Robotic Process Automation, ML and cognitive conversational capabilities from our repository comprising of 715 Bots to automate operations

  2. Out-of-the-box tooling : Clients can plug-in pre-built components to enhance the value of existing toolchains and derive visualization benefits immediately

  3. Compose once, deploy anywhere: Compose portable blueprints as canvas, and deploy on-prem or multi-cloud


Proof Points for Hyper-automated SCC

Proof point: Managed 250+ applications and infrastructure assets in an 'AppliStructure' (Applications + Infrastructure) converged IT support model for a leading U.S. personalized digital media company.


Proof point: Digital partner in a multi-vendor ecosystem powered by an Intelligent Digital Bot factory.


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