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Improved business performance through a robust and scalable BI platform


Consumer Product Goods (CPG) enterprises see a huge influx of data from various departments every day. Assimilating this business-critical data into useful information is a challenge, for which they need a robust and scalable Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

Here’s how Mindtree helped a German sports apparel manufacturer improve productivity through efficient business intelligence.

The challenge

The customer was using a SAP BI platform to capture data from different units. They lacked a robust support system to integrate various interfaces. Monitoring and fixing technical glitches on time was a big challenge, which directly impacted their business performance.

The customer lacked real-time data availability in their marketing, sales, operations and financial reports. Inconsistent and poor quality data impacted decision making. Improper project governance delayed data aggregation and consolidation from regional offices. Lack of ownership for application maintenance and absence of standard processes, compounded the problems and affected the customer’s top line.

The solution

Mindtree integrated multiple applications on a global BI platform, supporting 70% of BI reports. We achieved project governance by setting up a delivery system that ensured 100% data availability. Mindtree implemented an incident management system, which brought down the number of errors and data mismatches in the reports.

The solution was scalable, cost-effective and aligned with the customer’s business objectives. We facilitated data loading and extraction across 22 countries on the Adirace Staging Architecture and provided 24/7 data load support.

Business impact

  • Ensured timely availability of reports
  • Enhanced business performance through better decision making
  • Improved store and account profitability by products and regions
  • Effective promotion campaigns and accurate demand planning
Improved business performance through a robust and scalable BI platform_business intelligence

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