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Improved platform security and performance, for the world's largest online store


The dynamic world of digital media is rapidly changing consumer expectations and their buying behavior. This adds pressure on ecommerce product and platform enterprises, to compete with store chains and direct online channels for the consumer’s attention. Consumers are seeking products at lower costs. As a result, enterprises demand greater product management capabilities, innovation and agile development expertise from service providers.

Here’s how Mindtree partnered with the world’s largest online store to deliver 150+ re-usable components and improved their platform security and performance.

The challenge

The customer was looking for an engineering partner to develop, test and sustain many of their online applications, home-grown tools and platforms. The global scale of trade required product features to support geographical, linguistic and behavioral variations, while preventing fraudulent transactions. The integration of third party sites with proprietary tools and APIs posed a challenge. The customer needed a robust release management process to ensure high quality and timely delivery.

Our solution

Mindtree helped the customer increase platform penetration across geographies through rapid delivery. We developed, tested and supported a number of critical components spanning user analysis, commerce, reputation management and localization. Our agile and distributed delivery model with automation and rigorous quality assurance, ensured high performance of applications.

Mindtree developed, tested and sustained the following features:

Behavior analysis

Helped the customer predict and leverage insights by defining, capturing, tracking and analyzing user metrics for their in-house experimentation platform.


Developed and built inventory of reusable user interface and business components to accelerate deployment and ensure consistency. We designed country-specific web interfaces for nine European countries.

Fraud detection

Reduced fraudulent identities and transactions, by adding security layers to a number of applications spanning seller limits, multi-account linking and payment risk management.


Accelerated seller listing process by providing faster search mechanisms, bulk-edit capability and a unified interface. We developed a unified flow where sellers could edit and publish their listings in bulk.

Mindtree designed a reusable component framework, which provided the flexibility to edit listings without compromising the page performance. We developed and maintained 150+ reusable User Interface (UI) and business components to be used across the ecommerce platform.

Our approach

To ensure rapid and high quality releases, Mindtree followed a customized waterfall model where projects were delivered as a part of train with a fixed number of features. Our metrics-driven processes for managing knowledge, projects and releases, provided complete visibility to the customer at every stage of the project. A dedicated team was assigned to monitor and control merges.

Business impact

  • Improved seller listing performance by 47% and sign-in performance by 53%
  • High availability of product through improved fraud prevention
  • Better prediction and customer insights through planning, collection and analysis of behavioral data
Improved platform security and performance, for the world's largest online store

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