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Information management and analytics for eCommerce industry


Business challenge

Successful enterprises utilize data and employ scientific tools to make decisions. Advanced analytics is the latest weapon in their armory to improve decision making, marketing effectiveness and operational efficiency. It also helps understand, predict and influence consumer behavior.

The solution

Mindtree’s advanced analytics solutions bring domain, tool and statistical expertise all under one roof. We are the pioneers in analytics-on-demand and hosted analytics models and offer services across business functions and industries. Our customers benefit from integrated and scientific decision making that comes through our expertise in advanced data visualization, pattern mining and application of advanced quantitative techniques on enterprise and third-party data.

Supply chain analytics

Mindtree helps enterprises access data at multiple points and effortlessly interpret it with analytics solutions in the following areas:

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Demand planning
  • Logistics
  • Spend (raw material)
  • Production

Web / eCommerce analytics

Mindtree’s advanced analytics solutions enable enterprises to:

  • Comprehend online customer behavioral patterns
  • Retain and make existing customers more profitable
  • Convert visitors to customers and then build loyalty
  • Identify potential product lines

Customer and marketing analytics

Mindtree’s advanced analytics solutions help enterprises build compelling marketing strategies and increase sales through the following offerings:

  • Customer engagement analysis
  • Cross-sell / up-sell analysis and product recommendation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Price sensitivity and price elasticity analytics
  • Churn analysis

Social media analytics

Mindtree helps enterprises tap and analyze data available in social media to derive customer insights that can serve them better by offering the following services:

  • Sentiment analytics
  • Coupon redemption analysis
  • KOL / key word search analytics
  • Social network analysis / viral index
  • Online campaign analysis
  • A/B testing

Fraud analytics

Mindtree’s analytics solutions help create ‘what-if’ scenarios and identify key parameters that help detect fraudulent activities before they occur. Some of our specialized offerings include:

  • Supplier fraud detection
  • Payment fraud detection
  • Gaming fraud detection

Our track record

  • Fraud analytics for Unique Identification Authority of India for biometric enrollment that identified 3500 fraud instances among 1.5 million enrollments
  • Contributed $18 million incremental revenue for one of the world’s leading CPG enterprises by the Analytical Cell (Analytics as a Service)
  • Improved operational efficiency of the supply chain for one of the world’s leading CPG enterprise, which helped the customer save huge costs
  • Marketing budget and trade promotion optimization for one of the world’s leading car rental companies that helped them understand their key revenue contributors and drivers that improved sales and allowed optimum allocation of advertising budgets
  • Trade promotion analytics for a leading pet foods manufacturer that helped them in identifying their top promotions, the RoI from the promotions and optimizing the trade fund allocations to maximize the RoI
  • HR analytics for one of the world’s largest insurance companies in the areas of attrition, performance management, work force measurement and talent acquisition
  • Sentiment analytics for a leading mutual fund provider that provided insights on specific features of the website to improve as per customers’ sentiments.
Information management and analytics for eCommerce industry

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