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Infrastructure management services


Every business is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. As the necessity of brick-and-mortar decreases and the virtualization of business and society expands, companies are facing challenges around adapting to the changing paradigm. Ensuring you have the right technology infrastructure is no simple matter and many companies are left without the necessary resources to effectively and efficiently manage this monumental shift. IT staffs are overburdened and siloed operations often leave behind industry best practices that could make the difference between capitalizing on the new digital world, or being left behind.

Mindtree can provide the support and expertise necessary to ensure that your transformation takes you confidently into the next era. We offer the expertise to connect the dynamic and changing technology paradigms to the true business goals of your organization. By employing a model that is both predictable and cost effective, Mindtree has helped organizations of many sizes and complexions keep pace with their infrastructure and all of its requirements.

Our process-driven approach enables us to understand our customers’ applications and infrastructure, delivering results that exceed expectations. We combine our unique “applistructure” approach with our award-winning MWatch Service Delivery Platform tool to guarantee a secure infrastructure, pertinent data and reports, and a dynamic and safe disaster recovery offering.

We deliver predictable infrastructure and superior business performances. Our Infrastructure Management approach consists of:

  • 7 world class NOCs
  • 60+ active, delighted customers
  • 1400+ certified experts
  • 2300+ IMS experts
  • 175+ successful engagements

Expertise-led infrastructure management

Expertise-led infrastructure management

Enable, Empower, Extend:

IMS from Mindtree

Applications and infrastructure have long been regarded as separate components of an overall IT ecosystem. Such a siloed, disconnected approach can have a devastating effect on performance, user experience and disaster recovery plans. Mindtree’s unified ‘applistructure’ approach creates greater economies of scale, improved performance and a more secure disaster recover plan.


Mindtree can enable your infrastructure management needs through a combination of tools, services and delivery capabilities. Through our integrated service delivery platform – MWatch – we have created a monitoring tool that provides detailed, pertinent and meaningful data on the vital components of your IT infrastructure. MWatch is a service accelerator that integrates service management with monitoring tools to provide a consolidated view of applications and infrastructure.

As always, Mindtree is technology-neutral. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that we are only recommending the tools, platforms and technologies that make the most sense for each individual deployment. Our operational centers have built-in disaster recovery operations, ensuring that your data and infrastructure have industry-leading safeguards. And finally, our ‘right-sourcing’ concept – which smartly blends on- and off-shore through our US Delivery Center – has become a hallmark of new-age outsourcing.


Creating a solid and secure infrastructure is not simply about protecting your investment. It’s about empowering your company to create new opportunities for cost savings and efficiences. Mindtree customers have experienced year-over-year productivity gains of 10 percent or more. These gains multiply over time as your infrastructure becomes increasingly secure and efficient. Mindtree can also assume ownership of your entire infrastructure management activities, giving you a single management point of focus. By integrating applications with the infrastructure support also gives an organization a cleaner and more transparent processing environment.


Any company’s technology infrastructure is continuously evolving. Mindtree offers flexible pricing and engagement models that allow a company to extend and adjust their infrastructure needs accordingly. As your needs change, Mindtree can work with you to realign your technology environment. This is reflected through the wide range of companies that depend on Mindtree for their infrastructure management needs.

To start your company down the road to true next-generation infrastructure management, contact Mindtree at for more information

Infrastructure Management Services

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