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Infrastructure management services for the eCommerce industry


Ensure pace for your eCommerce business

It’s highly critical for businesses today to have an online presence. This gives them high visibility, reach and it ensures websites are mission critical. This emphasizes the need for a site which is secure and available.

Mindtree’s just say infrastructure management services offers comprehensive services and solutions to enhance the performance, availability, efficiency and capacity of your eCommerce business.

Technology solutions

MWatch – Integrated IT monitoring and management platform

  • Offers monitoring and management of applications, desktops, servers, storage, network equipment, security devices
  • Automates standard operation
  • Significantly reduces response and resolution due to automation

Arc sight based security management platform

  • Offers security monitoring which includes log monitoring, IDS, IPS, event monitoring and forensic analysis
  • Enables comprehensive security monitoring and management
  • Improves productivity and ensures safety of IT infrastructure

Success story

LiveSite management for Widows Azure platform

Business challenges:

  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Process creation and training
  • Contribution towards Windows Azure quality and performance improvement
  • Helps to create Wikis, Process documents and TSGs

Mindtree solution:

  • Provided 24x7 customer support, Cloud Management and Build Management
  • Set up new clusters / clouds across various data centers located in different geo-locations

Tools development:

  • Cloud Monitoring and Management Tool
  • Server Diagnostics Tool
  • Deployment Automation

Shared online services for a leading online Gift-Card trading company

Business challenges:

  • Provide a scalable highly available and robust architecture for gift card e-trading
  • Aggressive timelines to leverage holiday sales
  • Develop a model that caters to standards, regulatory and process compliance

Mindtree solution:

  • Consulted, designed and implemented hybrid cloud model
  • Selected a combination of public cloud provider (AWS) and private cloud provider (Rackspace)
  • Created a highly available, scalable (Elastic) and reliable production infrastructure to handle peak and trough volume of transactions
Shared online services for a leading online Gift-Card trading company

Our services for cloud

  • Provision in minutes by leveraging standard operating procedures
  • Configure your environment and set the degree of control and availability
  • Deploy all the requisite SW, application platform application code
  • Scale quickly to match changing business needs by proactively monitoring capacity
  • Manage operations using enterprises class services leveraging and compliance
Infrastructure management services for the eCommerce industry

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