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Internet of things (IoT) enabled Connected Operations


IoT enabled Connected Operations is becoming a reality now – for instance, in a factory we visited, an unscheduled breakdown resulted in 8 hours of downtime, just because a specific component was not covered as part of the maintenance cycle. Now replace this with a connected factory, where IoT enables data to be gathered, intelligence applied, and a prediction done on when the component must be replaced – the resultant savings in downtime and increased productivity make the business case obvious!

Connected Operations goes beyond the shop floor, to the inbound and outbound logistics, and workforce efficiency and safety. Our offerings in this space are built on three core pillars – connected assets, connected processes, and connected workforce with a future roadmap of making operations autonomous. We deliver operational experiences at the convergence of edge, intelligence and cloud, centered around humanity to build competitive differentiation and create value.

Use Internet of things (IoT) enabled Connected Operations to:

  • Improve manufacturing operations through OEE improvement and predictive maintenance
  • Monitor and optimize equipment or assets that are remotely deployed
  • Optimize workforce location and activity for efficiency and customer traction
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