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ISG Insights Report - Mindtree addresses the "retailization" of travel and hospitality with IoT


Summary and Key Takeaway

There’s a clear gap in the travel market between the desire to provide better services to customers and the ability of the brands to do so. So, there’s a market opportunity for providers to give guidance to enterprises in the travel and hospitality sectors. Mindtree works with its clients to enhance the customer experience across the entire travel/hospitality value chain. Its travel, transportation, and hospitality practice is the fastest growing segment of its digital portfolio. Mindtree combines a consulting‐first approach with a reference architecture and framework with the building blocks for personalization, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

Briefing Notes

ISG’s Vishnu Andhare, Ron Exler, Bruce Guptill, Ankit Jamwal, Sumit Sadhukhan, and Sikha Singh participated in briefings with Srini Kasthoori, Associate Vice President, Head of U.S. Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Practice, Mark Tedone, GM, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Practice, as well as Srinivas Rao Bhagavatula, Associate Vice President, Head of IoT Center of Excellence. The sessions highlighted how Mindtree approaches this industry, with specific focus on how it deploys IoT applications along with some use cases.

Insurance and the 'Internet of Everything'

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