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ISG Provider Lens Cloud Services: SAP Services


The ISG Provider Lens Cloud Services: SAP Services report compares SAP service providers and their capabilities to migrate, host or manage SAP services. It also evaluates SAP service providers that have extensive development experience, tooling, certifications and compliance working directly with SAP applications.

This research study analyzes the relevant software vendors/service providers in the U.S. market, based on a multi-phased research and analysis process, and positions these providers based on the ISG Research methodology.

Approximately 35 percent of enterprise workloads will either be on a hybrid cloud (public plus private/on-premises) or completely migrated to public cloud environments by 2020, according to the ISG Digital Platform Survey (June 2016). Additionally, ongoing interactions with ISG clients indicate this number could reach 50 percent in select organizations within the next few years.

Some key trends that is driving the rapid adoption of public cloud are:

  • Public cloud is no longer seen as commodity
  • Public cloud partner ecosystem is growing
  • Organizations are prioritizing agility over cost
  • A scalable architecture is the gold standard
  • Enterprises are embarking on the DevOps journey
  • Capabilities for enterprise workloads, including SAP services, are evolving rapidly

Download the report to know more.

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