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ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report Recognizes Mindtree as ‘Leader’ across five client archetypes for its Cloud Services


This report highlights five different client archetypes for cloud transformation and those are based on one key theme: what is the maturity level of the client in relation to their transformation to a public cloud environment? Each client archetype encapsulates the typical characteristics of a specific type of buyer that is looking to outsource one or more processes or functions to public cloud.

Client archetypes

The five archetypes included in this reports are based on the most current marketplace knowledge regarding prevalent buy-side goals, resources, initiatives and requirements.

  1. Traditional
  2. Deliberate
  3. Pragmatic
  4. Transformative
  5. Next-gen

Read the report today to find out how to select the right Cloud Service provider for greater competitive advantage

3-Steps-to-Getting-Started-with-Microsoft-Azure-Cloud Services

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