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An Ivy League business school speeds up student admission process by building a unified admissions portal on Salesforce platform


The business school also observed faster application decisions, reductions in release deployment time, better compliance, enhanced student support, and streamlined task management

Client Overview

The client is a leading US-based Ivy League business school. It has consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world, and it offers full-time MBA, doctoral, and many other executive education programs. The school also has a publishing arm that publishes business books, leadership articles and case studies.

Client Business Challenges

The business school wanted a solution that could improve student recruitment and admissions by modernizing, rationalizing and streamlining the technology landscape which supported the business processes. Specifically, the business school wanted to:

  • Create a student admissions portal which is scalable enough to support the applicants' load over time and can be extended to support future process needs
  • Reduce application review and slash admission decision time
  • Improve data exchange with partner schools to hasten decisions regarding scholarships and financial aids
  • Reduce compliance risk by automating steps involved in student background check processes
  • Increase efficiency in student support services through automation and better coordination between different functional teams
  • Reduce apply-to-admit time and manage high volumes
  • Increase system flexibility and configurability
  • Support admissions for multiple courses that had different admission criteria

Solution Highlights

Mindtree built the admissions portal by leveraging Salesforce platform which had the following features:

  • Built a moderately complex solution that included template driven architecture, custom community pages, complex UI design and validations for student facing pages
  • Used out-of-the-box Salesforce capability to implement auto application review process
  • Developed a highly-configurable and customizable workflow and task routing engine
  • Automated the admission review process based on identified rules by using Salesforce’s native features
  • Leveraged Salesforce Community Cloud for collaboration between applicants and the school administration
  • Automated various task management processes with the help of cases
  • Integrated with third-party tools to evaluate student essay scores
  • Executed Agile delivery model with the ability to flex resources up/down in a timely manner
  • Provided 24x7 application and infrastructure support that included priority issues, minor enhancements and performance tuning activities using an onsite/offshore global delivery model
  • Provided preventive maintenance activities on a regular basis
  • Provided email support through a shared service desk team

Technology Landscape

  • JIRA to track minor enhancements and defects
  • Confluence to manage requirements
  • Selenium Framework to automate test scripts
  • MWatchTM, a proprietary Mindtree tool, for infrastructure monitoring and management

Client Benefits

  • Admissions Intelligence Engine speeds up application screening by incorporating automatic scoring of essays for 45-50% of applications
  • Speeds up admission decision process for more than 85% of applications that began to be made available instantaneously, as opposed to 12 minutes per application previously
  • Reduced admission decision cycle from weeks to days by re-engineering business process to improve efficiency and scaling
  • Reduced deployment time by 85% by creating automated release deployments to avoid manual errors
  • Streamlined task management for financial aid/scholarship and affiliations reviews
  • Helped achieve 100% compliance with the business school’s defined security standards
An Ivy League Business School speeds up student admission process by building a Unified Admissions Portal on Salesforce Platform

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