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Leading book publishing company leverages Oracle solutions to optimize supply chain and productivity


Executive Summary

The client faced several challenges related to harmonizing processes such as order to cash (O2C), warehouse, kitting, returns and transportation processes across multiple lines of business (LOBs). In addition, lack of standardized supply chain management (SCM) processes resulted in poor inventory visibility, impacting the O2C cycle. As part of its consulting engagement, Mindtree proposed process improvements leveraging Oracle solutions, and developed a roadmap to help the client standardize SCM processes. Expected benefits for the client include 100% inventory visibility and minimal manual intervention, resulting in enhanced productivity.

About the client

The client is a leading book publishing and distribution company based in the US, with operations in more than 10 countries and serving customers in over 150 countries.

The Challenge

Lack of simplified and standardized processes and systems across LOBs, coupled with poor inventory visibility, negatively impacted the O2C and led to fulfillment delays, sub-optimal labor planning, and delayed waves of execution. In addition, the system lacked certain key business requirements, resulting in the introduction of multiple workarounds and manual intervention. The client was therefore looking to improve its current Oracle EBS solution and harmonize its O2C, warehouse, kitting, returns and transportation processes across LOBs. The client chose Mindtree to analyze its existing environment, provide recommendations for best-fit Oracle solutions, and develop a roadmap for their implementation.

Our solution

Mindtree executed the consulting assignment over a period of nine weeks encompassing four phases: conducting a deep-dive review and analysis of the client’s as-is processes, analyzing and defining the to-be state, evaluating Oracle solution fitment, and finally, recommending Oracle solutions and developing a roadmap for their implementation.

  • The first four weeks of the engagement were dedicated to conducting workshops and interviews with SMEs across LOBs - customer service, order management, planning, fulfillment, kitting, returns, and transportation - to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges.
  • Once we had a clear understanding of client requirements, we assessed and proposed relevant Oracle solutions for process improvements. Our team of experts presented and finalized the recommendations using walkthroughs/demos of the solution.
  • Finally, we developed a multi-year implementation roadmap with an understanding of business critical cycles and other influencing projects.


Mindtree’s structured approach to providing a harmonized SCM process and identifying with the right Oracle solutions helped position the client to deliver a seamless customer experience and achieve enhanced work productivity. Some of the other tangible benefits that the client expects to realize include:

  • Simplified and standardized processes and systems across LOBs, leading to 100% inventory visibility
  • Reduced manual intervention, improved order entry time for improved work productivity and customer service
  • Faster picking cycle, semi-automated manual processes, better labor utilization, automated kitting, and value-added operations in the warehouse
  • Lower shipping costs due to better consolidated shipments
Leading bool Publishing company

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