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Leading Japanese bank automates reporting and analysis function with 80% ops efficiency and 90% reduction in analysis time


Executive Summary

The client’s manual reporting process made it complicated to analyze thousands of SQL reports, besides being resource and cost intensive, as well as error prone. Being in the business of finance and capital markets, quick and accurate report analysis was a key requirement for the client, especially during migration and merger activities. Mindtree’s Scrutiny Tool helped automate the client’s reporting and analysis function, enabling 80% improvement in operational efficiency and 90% reduction in analysis time.

About the client

The client is a leading diversified Japanese financial institution that provides a full range of financial products and services to both institutional and individual customers. Services offered by client include retail banking, institutional banking, and consumer and commercial finance.

The Challenge

The client’s manual reporting and analysis function was prone to high degree of manual errors during the development phase due to lack of in-house technical expertise. The client was struggling with selective data collection processes as the initial analysis failed to identify units/departments in the organization that may still have a use for the data. They also faced several challenges in version management and data migration, making AGILE builds incompatible. Migration and merger assignments that need SQL file analysis require a solution that not only provides accurate reporting but also fits to AGILE.

Fragmented data collection, reporting, and analysis prevented the client from realizing operational efficiencies, optimizing costs, and retaining its competitive advantage in the market. The client was looking for a cost-effective, license and database independent solution to accelerate multiple file processing and reporting as well as for handling nested queries, sub queries, commented\hidden data, single and multi-line comments in source file, space and tab in source file, and identification of columns and corresponding table name.

Our solution

Mindtree leveraged a Design Thinking approach to create a robust yet simplified end-to-end mobility solution, named Mindtree Scrutiny Tool that provided operators a responsive ,coherent application for anytime , anywhere use across multiple operating systems. The Mindtree-Scrutiny enabled careful and detailed examination of reports i,e. SQL files, in order to get information and generate reports for further use. The platform and database independent solution handles nested queries and sub queries with single and multiline comments and is Scalable to accommodate future requirements.

It accelerates time to development and reduces development risks.

Figure 1 illustrates the solution in detail by way of a comparative analysis.

Mintree - Murex Scrutiny Tool - image


Mindtree’s solution delivered measurable business benefits to the client, such as:

Boosted productivity by reducing work efforts

  • 90% reduction in analysis time – from 30 mins to 1 sec, enabling analysis of thousands of reports in seconds
  • Analyzed one thousand lines of code in 1.5 seconds
  • Increased competitive advantages.
  • Accelerated time to development by 20%.

Improved operational efficiency

  • 20% reduction in annual or 80% reduction in analysis operational cost with 100% accuracy in scope and impact.
  • Increased revenue by 20%
  • 70% reduction in headcount with technical expertise

Reduced risk of non-compliance

  • 80% accuracy in prediction of breaks or discrepancies
  • 90% reduction in analysis and Investigation time of faults
  • Improved data management to achieve high levels of compliance

Success Stories

Saved 75% to 80% of efforts and cost in analysis phase for a leading Japanese bank during migration project.

Leading Japanese bank was struggling with report analysis for thousands of SQL reports, Its manual process, resource-intensive and error prone.

We automated analysis solution (I,e. ‘Scrutiny’) for a bank which Benefits:

  • 80% improvement in operational efficiency and 90% reduction in Analysis time – 30mins to 1 sec
  • 80% reduction in Breaks
  • 20% reduction in annual cost or 80% reduction in analysis operational cost with 100% accuracy in scope and impact.

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Leading Japanese bank automates reporting and analysis

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