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Leading US insurance carrier customizes LexisNexis interface with Mindtree’s XactConnect


Our Client

Our client is among the top 50 property and casualty insurance carriers in the US.

The Challenge

The US insurer decided to modernize its legacy rating and policy administration system to gain a competitive advantage. It decided on third-party software to handle the receipt of necessary underwriting information for its personal lines. The insurer needed a proven, compatible communication and data exchange middleware solution that fit well into its environment and provided seamless integration between these internal and external systems.

Our solution

Many insurers face the problem of incompatibility between today’s rating and policy administration systems and LexisNexis. LexisNexis uses traditional EDI-based layouts to cater to a vast and varied customer base. The latest rating and policy administration systems often use newer technologies such as XML and web services. This is where Mindtree’s XactConnect solution came in.

Download the PDF brochure, to read the whole story on how Mindtree helped this leading US insurance carrier customize LexisNexis interface with Mindtree’s XactConnect.

Leading US Insurance Carrier Customizes LexisNexis Interface with Mindtree’s XactConnect

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