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Cloud Assessment and Migration Series - Part 2: Legacy Leap to Cloud


In part two of our Cloud Migration and Assessment Series, our experts discuss how to tackle migrating mainframe workloads to cloud.

Legacy applications and systems are like a time capsule, representing the business model and state of business rules at a particular point in time. What are your options if you want to develop, deploy and manage new applications on cloud but continue using your existing data center?

View our on-demand webinar today to hear our expert panel discuss:

  • The dual solution approach that helps improve the visibility of risks and selects the optimal path for applications
  • Application performance leveraging a proprietary Lift & Shift methodology
  • Mainframe migration considerations - automation first and a comprehensive performance testing plan
  • Factory migration model for acceleration and risk attenuation

This thought leadership roundtable features:

  • A keynote speaker from Meredith corporation: Real time case study on reducing cost (~1M per month) by taking legacy mainframe to Cloud
  • The Chief Technology Officer from Astadia: Challenges with legacy modernization with cloud adoption
  • Cloud experts on Mainframe & Midrange Practice from Mindtree: How Mindtree works with organizations overcome issue related to legacy to cloud migration
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