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Making fitness digital: Equinox


Working out and staying fit is a physical endeavor, so it would be easy to think that digital transformation need not be at the forefront of priorities for an upscale fitness club enterprise. But that is why this case study shows how digital is crucial to all businesses today. When Equinox came to Mindtree about a major technology project, they were working with legacy applications and systems that could no longer support the kind of service customers expect in a digital society.

Mindtree executed a full-scale retail customer data analytics integration and moved Equinox’s CRM system to a SaaS-based model, making their digital backbone more agile, easier to maintain and less costly. It also vastly improves customer service by giving Equinox club staff instant access to a 360-degree view of customers via iPads on the club floor, allowing for immediate, personalized service that can be logged for future reference. Additionally, Mindtree developed a new Equinox app (integrated with the Apple Health app), which gives customers efficient and personalized features that were previously analog and cumbersome, such as booking equipment (with an equipment map specific to each club), scheduling training, logging and tracking workouts or yoga sessions, browsing and scheduling classes, and much more.

Making Fitness Digital: Equinox

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