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Manage, maintain and monitor commercial projects efficiently


In any project-based service offering, managers and supervisors face challenges through various phases involving planning, execution, monitoring and controlling. Since project downtimes have monetary implications, managers and supervisors require quick notifications on possible bottlenecks for effective actions to resolve them.

Better project management relies on the on-ground workforce having better visibility and traceability of tasks assigned to them. Paper based data capture is slow and cumbersome and can prove costly in situations where information needs to be processed on the go. Issues or deviations found while carrying out tasks or inspections need to be properly captured so that stakeholders are in cognizance and plan for quick resolutions.

Mindtree’s mInspect application improves overall project management and provides better reporting of project related inspections, leading to quick closure of issues. mInspect is a versatile and elegant solution which helps with planning and monitoring of various operations and gives end-to-end visibility of the projects.

mInspect addresses collaboration and issue management in various industries such as Engineering, Construction & Operations (EC&O), transport & logistics and others.

The universal appeal of mInspect allows it to be used in any number of business scenarios involving checks or inspections, both planned and unplanned.

Advantages of mInspect

This highly intuitive app presents the user with only the necessary information needed to carry out inspections. Users need not have continuous connectivity. They can pull up the information wherever they are and post inspection details to the back end once connectivity is reestablished. mInspect is highly flexible, with universal appeal which allows it to be used efficiently across industries.

Industry recognition for mInspect

mInspect won the first prize at the SAP TechEd 2013 conference held in Las Vegas on 23, October 2013. Contesting under the ‘Transport and Logistics Mobile App Challenge’, mInspect made it to the finals after being hand-picked by juries consisting of external specialists and SAP experts.

The team demonstrated mInspect’s ability to address the needs of managers and supervisors responsible for effective logistics management.

mInspect is available at Apple & SAP stores.

Manage, maintain and monitor commercial projects efficiently

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