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mAssetView - An investment analysis tool for senior executives and fund managers


Mindtree’s mAssetView is a dashboard that provides senior executives and fund managers of investment houses a consolidated view of their performance, their fund position and their risk profile.

Solution overview

mAssetView is an investment analysis software which:

  • Helps C level executives of fund houses monitor funds and track the performance of the fund manager. It also analyzes the risk profile of the funds and ensures that they are in compliance with upcoming regulatory guidelines
  • Enables investor relations and allows marketing and fund managers manage funds, keep track of positions and differntiate their funds from that of their competitors
  • Provides a dashboard and customized reporting capabilities for senior executives and fund managers

The potential users of the solution are C level executives, fund managers, the risk management team and head of operations.

The solution aims to accelerate time to market for the development of a dashboard. It does this using a robust data model and pre-built reports for investment houses, looking to quickly build a decision support solution. The solution handles complex scenarios like multi-currency reporting facility.

Key features

  • It provides fund houses the historical performance of various funds and displays key performance indicators, risk and exposure to different asset classes and tickers at a single place
  • It also compares different funds and addresses regulatory reporting to meet compliance specifications
  • It offers a robust data model for business intelligence, comprising funds, positions, securities information and ready-to-deploy charts, reports and dashboards
  • For delivering analytics, this solution records and analyzes each transaction: data related to Net Asset Value (NAV) of various funds, data related to security prices, security holding in each portfolio, etc.
  • Helps senior executives and fund managers monitor and mitigate risks associated with their funds, portfolios and positions by comprehensive reporting of risk analytics.

The solution can be hosted in cloud or the Mindtree / client server. It is also available as an ipad application and in android-based devices

Key benefits

  • A single consolidated view of all funds, to ensure faster, more accurate decisions
  • Access to information on the move for client meetings
  • An easy-to-implement light weight application with a dynamic, customized data model
  • Helps detect and correct deviation from business rules by early notifications
  • Increases investor protection through adherence to upcoming regulatory compliances
  • Seamless internationalization through multiple currencies reporting mechanism

Business value

  • 360 degree view of the investment house
  • Quicker decision-making based on analytical information
  • Accurate reporting of fund performance, positions and risk information
  • Role-based access

Reduced cost

  • Faster and easier integration improves time to value
  • Leveraging existing pre-built analytics and data model reduces cost of implementation
  • A readymade customizable framework reduces initial build up cost

Technology Offerings

  • The application can run on android-based tablets, ipad devices and the desktop
  • A high level view with an option to drill down to a detailed view
  • Periodicals notification / updates


Dashboard, a hosted solution, runs either on cloud or the Mindtree / client server. mAssetView is supported by a pre-built data model. All data is received from the customer’s data warehouse in xml format or through direct integration with the warehouse.

The solution includes management of data received from the customer’s data warehouse. Data integration, cleansing and harmonization is part of the solution implementation phase. OLAP cubes offer for better performance of the dashboard on the desktop and ipad. ETL jobs help load source data onto dashboard database periodically (hourly / daily / weekly, etc.).

The ipad application is circulated through the Apple App store. It is available in an online or offline mode. All data flow from the dashboard data warehouse to the ipad is in the xml format, through web services developed in ASP.Net 4.0.

mAssetView - An investment analysis tool for senior executives and fund managers

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