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Maximum service continuity with minimum downtime for a US based software products customer


Our customer, a US based software multinational acquired one of the original innovators in the mobile entertainment space. The customer had no test automation framework or infrastructure required for testing content migration and chose Mindtree to be their exclusive test partner.

Here's how Mindtree helped chalk out a test strategy, set up a test team and implemented the solution. The solution helped them through a smooth transition, ensuring service continuity while adhering to defined timelines and success parameters.

The challenge

The challenges were two-fold, technical and customer-related:

Technical challenges

  • Create a test strategy and build a test infrastructure from grounds up
  • Ensure a successful and bug-free migration of all music data by executing all facets of testing
  • Ensure rapid ramp-up by training the existing and new testing employees to enable independent delivery and ownership of the engagement

Customer-related challenges

  • Ensure minimum inconvenience, by planning downtime during the hours of least activity
  • Adhere to strict deadlines
  • Non-compliance leading to major legalities and costs associated with label contracts
  • Ensure service continuity post-migration with no negative impact to customer experience and popular content
  • Overall transition to involve less than 5% impact

Our approach

Mindtree took complete ownership of the quality for all of the acquired enterprise’s product / service lines. We deployed an 18 member team including a Test Manager and a Test Architect to execute the test strategy.

Mindtree set a defined roadmap and goals to drive team efficiency. Each key member of the team was given independent ownership. The Test Manager closely monitored and measured the test quality and adhered strictly to the customer’s high standards to achieve the desired product quality.

The Test Architect spearheaded the team’s ramp up, defining learning models, scaling technical competency and driving proof of concepts. The architect also owned reviews, process optimization and delivery excellence.

Mindtree defined a test automation framework and infrastructure for various features, to reduce manual test effort and regression activity.Mindtree teams, across different geographical locations, worked in flexible time zones to provide support to teams in other locations.

Mindtree played a key role in ramping up this team and training the employees of acquired company in areas of the service, processes as well as automation tools.

Our solution

Mindtree ensured an error-free migration by executing a full spectrum of testing methodologies. We applied the customer’s best practices keeping in mind the cultural shift within the acquired organization.

Our tasks included:

  • Formation of test teams at various locations across the globe to control service quality
  • A full requirements gathering and a gap analysis to form a strategy to carry out tasks
  • Positioning teams in different geographies based on need and criticality
  • Deriving a test strategy to achieve the desired goal and ensuring minimum impact on business continuity

A strategy was then put into action with detailed plans and processes to:

  • Induce and promote the customer’s test culture at the acquired organization
  • Formulate, formalize and inculcate customer’s test processes
  • Identify areas for test focus and define test plans / ship criteria for each
  • Identify areas for automation and optimize test execution
  • Manage test scope, test cycles and quality metrics
  • Measure and optimize execution efficiency and test coverage
  • Measure and continuously improve product quality

Business impact

  • Shortened the test cycle time, assisted early defect detection and increased ability to deliver in shorter sprints
  • Planned test scope and schedules
  • Created, executed and managed quality released across multiple sprints for the first 1 ½ years of the engagement
  • Created a high caliber plus culturally sensitized test organization that understands and delivers as per the high standards of the customer
  • Enabled a smooth and error free transition by collaborating with the customer’s test organization
Maximum service continuity with minimum downtime for a US based software products customer

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