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Middleware Modernization Accelerates Time to Market for Lufthansa Cargo



Mindtree’s DevOps support for the core nervous system of the cargo application landscape helped accelerate time to market for Lufthansa Cargo, a leader in air cargo industry.

The Client

Lufthansa Cargo is a leading cargo airline which is a subsidiary of the illustrious Lufthansa Group. Lufthansa Cargo operates worldwide air freight and logistics services around 300 destinations in more than 100 countries. In terms of international freight tonne-kilometres carried, they feature among the industry leaders. Besides operating dedicated cargo planes, they also have access to cargo capacities of passenger aircrafts of their parent airline group.

The Challenge

Lufthansa Cargo (LCAG) uses various applications to support its business processes. They have upgraded their existing IT landscape and implemented a Service- Oriented-Architecture. As a core of its integration platform, they use an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a central backbone providing enterprise services between 80+ major applications like booking, handling, shipment, finance as well as interfaces with external business partners.

The client was at the cusp of IT digital transformation, and their ESB platform’s digitization would play an important role in ensuring readiness and seamless transition


They were looking for an implementation partner that could help the transformation of their ESB infrastructure for ensuring better responsiveness and faster time to market through technology modernization of, software and cloud migration, improved service support to business, and automation of services. The implementation partner will also help the client realize improvements in cost and service quality of its existing services

Mindtree’s Approach:

The client’s integration platform (ESB) consists of 80+ services implemented in TIBCO BusinessWorks technologies. Mindtree is responsible for all development and enhancement/maintenance of the integration platform in terms of solutioning, development, operations & API management.

Mindtree built a Target Operating Model (TOM) integrating all these dimensions into a single framework. This model adopts the principles of a combination of Lean & Kanban systems to improve client’s current technical and process maturity while transition progresses forward.

Mindtree has developed a flexible API architecture to host services/applications on an on-premise platform and is responsible for end to end operations of ESB platform with 24*7 L2 support.

Highlights of Solution:

  • Responsible for gathering business requirements, solutioning, development & operations.

  • Application maintenance & support including multiple non-production environments & production environments.

  • ESB software migration - moving towards up-to-date software versions with various integration design patterns

  • API First approach /API led connectivity – API Management and support.

Business Outcomes

  • 20% reduction in time to market - shorter cycles due to greater agility in delivering new projects

  • Long-term cost-effectiveness due to cross skilling of resources in multiple technologies of TIBCO, tools & technologies for operations & support and to gradually migrate towards DevOps operating model.

  • Better knowledge management across teams through the adoption of better governance and best practices.

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