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Mindtree agile offering


An agile based software development approach offers many advantages of an iterative and fast-paced process. However, customers often find themselves at crossroads when it comes to choosing a specific adoption path. Organizational culture and mindset are critical to the success of distributed agile projects. Enterprises need the right partner who can address all of these and deliver projects efficiently.

Mindtree has a decade of experience in executing more than 100 agile projects in both onsite and offshore models.

Our best practices and governance models foster communication, coordination and collaboration amongst distributed teams. We collaborate with our customers to understand their past experience in implementing evolutionary methodologies and tools. Our focus on shorter delivery cycles mitigates risk and provides early corrective actions to meet release timelines.

Our approach is based on industry standard agile methodologies with a good balance of engineering and project management practices.

Mindtree agile offering

Our expertise

  • Superior code quality that contributes to high maintainability, adaptability and extensibility of software
  • Customized offerings for varied requirements
  • Risk mitigation through practices such as continuous integration, configuration management and testing
  • Predictability and visibility through centralized configuration management, frequent deliveries and early risk identification and mitigation

Key differentiator

  • A light-weight, metrics-driven process to assess the maturity of agile projects and identify the areas of improvement
  • The right set of tools and platforms for distributed development and implementation of appropriate metrics to measure the progress of projects
  • Collaborative governance to facilitate timely decisions and support actions to distributed teams
  • Assessments and coaching to enhance agility in teams
  • Agile Center of Excellence (CoE) to facilitate access to the latest developments and best practices
Mindtree Agile Offering

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