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Mindtree consolidated legacy applications in on-premise and rearchitected Tanishq's Point of Sales System in AWS


The Challenge:

The existing GHS (Golden Harvest Scheme) tool had a limitation where a user could transact at a store only if he/she was registered at that store. Due to this, all payments for the various schemes of Tanishq needed to be done at the home branch. This limitation was driving away customers. EGH system was tightly coupled with POSS and EPOSS central systems of Titan. There was no report generation system in place and databases from all in-store databases were merged only during the lean period with flat files import export. Titan wanted to extend EGH system to customers.

Tanishq had two systems:

1. POSS- Point Of Sales System:

Tanishq has a range of products which it sells from around 220 boutiques across the country, which are the point of sale to the customer in the Tanishq sales system. Various services like TEP, GEP, and Golden Harvest and after Sales Service are offered at these boutiques along with the sale of the products.

At present, two different brands i.e. Tanishq and Gold Plus make use of the POSS package. In addition to a sales system, POSS is now also a complete Inventory, Boutique management application.

2. EPOSS-Enterprise Point Of Sales System:

EPOSS is the central server system where data from all the boutiques gets uploaded daily. Interface is provided at EPOSS to create master files which are sent to all the boutiques.

Synchronization flow had been automated to download/upload the data.

The Vision:

  • To implement the Golden Harvest Scheme Online Application (e-GHS) which will incorporate the account creation, installment payment, configuration and administration of the Golden Harvest Scheme with inbuilt robust security features; to be executed as a single web solution, integrated with other systems.
  • eGHS system to be extended to customer and agent.
  • Enable customer to make all payments online without visiting store, except for the first installment payment (Account opening).
  • Enable customer to view their account statement online 24/7.

Mindtree’s Solution:

To resolve these issues, Mindtree decoupled EGH tool from existing legacy systems and migrated to AWS cloud. This migration involved isolating GHS from POSS and EPOSS and migrating (Data/Code) and Integration with Oracle, Encircle and Value First. A rich new UI with dynamic themes and skins was developed with User Management/Role-based security keeping Internet security features and centralized user management in mind. The solution was also customer-centric as it provided various payment modes and options to customers. The client was also given the option to generate customer facing online reports, linking customer accounts and option to extend GHS services to any other system. All existing GHS functionalities were made available online by hosting on AWS with alternate approach for POSS dependencies.

The migration solution was based on re-architecture strategy. This resulted in a comprehensive solution stack which is highly available across multi-AZs and comprising of .NET MVC applications, WCF Services, SQL Server in EC2 instances with SSRS and SSIS. Passbooks were stored in AWS S3 with metadata in AWS Dynamodb and Amazon Elastic Cache was used for caching. AWS SES is used for mail notifications. There were third party integrations with BillDesk for Payment Gateway, ValueFirst for SMS, Encircle for Loyalty Management, Oracle EPR integration. Data Migration (POSS, EPOSS to e-GHS DB) using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services in SQL 2008) Packages installed in EC2 instances.

The solution leverages Amazon VPC, AWS S3, AWS EC2 instances, SQL Server for databases, AWS S3, CloudWatch Monitoring, Cloud Trail for audit logging and AWS IAM, AWS SES, Dynamodb, Elastic Cache.

To provide the client with efficient performance and value for Money, we opted for an AWS Trusted Advisor. This helped us fulfill our promise of providing the best resource at optimized costs. Not only this, Mindtree could now focus on performance including providing fault- tolerant information.

On the security front, Mindtree was able to ensure security of resources using the access provided by the AWS Trusted Advisor. This included access to specific ports having unrestricted data, IAM User data, MFA on Root Account and service limits. Also, protection of root account credentials was considered as first priority. We created fine grained permissions to resources under AWS account, applied them to groups and then assigned users to those groups using AWS IAM and ensured users have least privilege to accomplish tasks.

The migration was performed with Racemi which provides fully automated and scalable migration.

The DR Strategy – Backup and restore was considered with RTO of 24 hrs and RPO of 4 hrs. Solution was designed highly available in multiple AZs and 24/7 support is performed.


Business Benefits:

  • With the solution in place, the launch of GHS (Gold harvest Scheme) Online benefited Tanishq business by increasing number of customers across the country.
  • 1,88,000 accounts were created in a period of one year with 24/7 availability of web application for online users.
  • By leveraging AWS services, paperwork for documentation has been reduced by providing S3 bucket for storage and all customers’ notifications are sent using AWS SES. It has reduced the queue at the boutiques as customers can directly access the application online and do the EGHS transactions. It has also enabled easy inter-boutique transaction.
  • For online user, Bootstrap framework has been used to extend application even in smaller device browsers (Mobile/tabular device browser).
Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery brand for Titan re-architected their Point of Sales System in AWS

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