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Mindtree leverages Shotclasses app to train over 1500 engineering graduates every year



To induct fresh engineering graduates and train them on soft skills every year


The Shotclasses app was used to share timely information and learning material with students to supplement their classroom learning


Mindtree was able to on-board the graduates in a more fun and effective manner

The Challenge

Mindtree was finding it difficult to engage fresh engineering graduates on soft-skills and innovation related content, after a day of technical classes. To better engage tired students, the IT major was looking for a simplified onboarding process using an easy to access mobile-based learning platform, coupled with augmented learning practices.

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Our Solution

After conducting a deep dive assessment of the challenges faced by the Kalinga team, Mindtree implemented Shotclasses. As part of the solution, the Mindtree team:

  • Deployed Shotclasses to rapidly engage fresh campus graduates right from the pre-joining stage by sharing relevant bite-sized content about the company
  • Shared simple, short and crisp campus related information around onboarding processes, campus details and other pre-requisites
  • Replaced routine graduate training with short videos on soft skills, technical trends and upcoming work projects.

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Mindtree’s Shotclasses solution helped the client deliver on-demand learning to its vast sales workforce, enabling several tangible benefits such as:

  • Improved access, uptake and retention of specific product knowledge, empowering the sales representatives to boost conversion, improve productivity, and utilize their time better.
  • Improved training adoption and engagement through incentives, gamified techniques, and multi-lingual content delivery.
  • Significantly reduced training costs and other operational overheads such as procurement/travel costs, as the sales representatives were not required to travel to regional offices to procure training materials.

About the Client

Mindtree’s Kalinga Learning Center that graduates around 1500 students every year through a residential program, preceded by a fortnight of distance learning prior to joining.

Mindtree leverages Shotclasses app to train over 1500 engineering graduates every year

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