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Mindtree omni-channel service orchestration


Today customer experience includes many touchpoints – an average of ten for every purchasing decision made. The availability of these touchpoints influence customer behavior throughout the journey. This change in behavior is attributed to customer engagement through a range of seamless and continuous actions. Retailers are increasingly acknowledging the presence of Omni-Channel consumers and their overall impact on the top line.

Deploying an integrated technology platform gives these retailers several advantages. This comprises single view product information, inventory, customer order, analytics and insights about shopping behavior. In addition, it includes accurate real-time information across all available channels. This will enable them to give their consumers a more unified and fluid retail experience, across digital and physical channels.

Our solution

Omni-channel service orchestration

Mindtree’s Omni-Channel Service Orchestration™ solution delivers single view, core capabilities through Omni-Catalog (oCatalog), Omni-Inventory (oInventory), Omni-Orders (oOrders), Omni-Insights (oInsights) and Omni-Customer (oCustomer) modules.

Our solution enables retail enterprises to add several channels or change processes, without worrying about underlying IT infrastructure / investment constraints. It orchestrates the requests between the channels and the technology layer to deliver the single view.

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Mindtree Omni-Channel Service Orchestration

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